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also I have a job interview for a supermarket part time job as a cashier and they planned a thirty minute time window for it. The heck kinda questions are they gonna ask me? Is there a cheat sheet somewhere–

pokemon leak opinion 

pokemon arceus regional forms got leaked and dialga looks like a cryptid creepypasta drawn by a sixteen year old on psychedelic mushrooms

obv not gonna install it because whatsapp web is the only facebook I'll allow to exist on my laptop as long as its in my browser, but still– why is there a package in the package manager–

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What on earth is the package whatsapp-web-jak lol

I got a call back from one of the job training places I almost forgot I even applied to.

They called to ask me whether I was willing to move away for the job bc it's far away. I told them yes.

I have no idea where the job placement is. I forgot. There is no mail in my mail inbox that tells me where it is. My clown shoes are enormous.

four tests per address is a deliberate fuck you to multigenerational housing

plural folk are cool

non human folk are cool

trans folk are cool

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