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Hi! tumblr is dying so I'm checking this place out. My name is Jess. I'm a 30 y.o. woman. but prefers ladies. , traveler, romantic. keeps me going. I love , , , , , and .

Tomorrow I, a lone trans girl, will face the DMV first thing in the morning AAAAAAAAAAAAA

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11 months HRT and I can finally rock a bralette 😊

Welp it's time to log in, toot, and ignore mastodon for another week

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Damn, I'm really spending my night alone, listening to Swans while I drink a bottle of wine. That's so 2015 🙄


I can't escape the shadow of depression. Like any shadow, it changes. Sometimes it's big, sometimes it's clear. Other times, it almost vanishes. But it never truly does. Most of the time, depression lurks in the corners of my vision. I pay no attention to it because I learned depression can't hurt me when it's timid. But when depression grows to boldness and looms in front of me, I have no choice but to fight. It's becoming easier, but goddamn, sometimes it still hits like a train

"Happy" is just an emotion. Emotions are temporary. Throughout my life, I've had people close to me insist I should strive to feel "happy" all the time regardless of what's happening with my life or the world in general.

You shouldn't strive to feel only one way. It's not realistic or healthy. Don't feel guilty or worried about having other feelings. Feelings are valid. Feel them, and learn to accept and deal with them.

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I just spent a few days with loved ones and friends. But now I can't stand being by myself

Help me, I am juggling three writing projects 🙃


My date played me a song on her guitar this morning, so I am feeling pretty great right now :heart_trans:

The Pacific and Atlantic Oceans are lesbians. Sorry homophobes, that's just a fact :thinkergunsunglasses:

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The straight pride flag

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I wanted to feel sexy so I took some pictures where I felt that way. I have a bunch and no one favorite but these are nice and just a tiny bit objectifying.

Yesterday, I moved out of my shitty ex's house and into a little apartment next to my work. My roommate is a really chill coworker. Today I snagged some free furniture with my bf, and I've spent all evening decorating and organizing. It's also Pride Month.

Life is good :heart_trans:

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