Home again home again, after being around waaay too many people. Large crowds and I don't get along in the same way we did when I was younger.

Heading out to the local mini maker faire this morning. I won't be on here (the fediverse) today as I don't have a client on my phone.

I'm reading _Paul Takes the Form of a Mortal Girl_ from Andrea Lawlor, and finding the idea of shapeshifting gender... both hot and appealing.


This thread brought to you by all the feels Allie has been shoving deep down inside herself in order to survive and are now bursting all out at once.

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I can maybe succeed at getting myself around and going to sleep. That's not a hard thing to do.

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And I'm feeling like a shitty person to boot. I can't make friends and keep them for shit. I don't know how to "friend". I barely know how to "person" and I feel like I'm faking that most of the time.

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Feeling generally broken. Mother in law staying with us. Keeps misgendering our kid, my spouse, me... it grates.

Wanna see how much someone 6'1" can curl into a ball and make themselves small? You'd just have to look at me right now.

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Two things I'd like to see:

1. A retrocomputing youtube channel that isn't a cis white guy. Something around how to get decent and fun tech on the cheap for people who would really benefit from it.

2. A trashy Cosmopolitan-style magazine with ads and articles that are openly geared directly towards trans folks.

(I know, I know, be the change and all...)

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Me: I don't have dysphoria.

Also me: I hate my facial hair and would not mind burning it off of my face.

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PNW / repression / bleak warnings 

a few years ago on May Day in Seattle someone broke a window. what followed was months of targeting leftists and jailing them for not ratting on their friends. today someone attacked some vehicles at a concentration camp

they let white supremacists go for this sort of thing (and way worse), but we should bet on an increase in being targeted. they shot the saboteur

add to this that ICE is targeting raids tomorrow on "sanctuary cities"

look out for each other

Good News! Everything that I've thought about myself and reaffirmed countless times is still somewhat true!

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Hello brain. Yes, I'd like to rehash all the dysphoria and gender shit from throughout my life right before company comes over for lunch. A mood.

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partial list of trans holidays:

• Transgender Day of Remembrance
• Transgender Day of Visibility
• Transgender Day of Paperwork
• Transgender Day of Explaining This Shit To Your Parents, Again
• Transgender Day of Dealing With Medical Insurance (formerly part of TDoP but it got too big)
• Transgender Day of Seeing Another Trans Person at the Coffee Shop But They Don't Have Any Openly Trans Signifiers and What Are You Gonna Say To Them Anyway, Hi, I'm Trans Too, How's It Going
• Halloween
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