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I put all of my short text scores in one place

You may enjoy them if you like music adjacent thoughts, musings, poetry, provocations


new music, eye contact on the cover art 

Here's some new music :)

I've not been very active here, my life is pretty messy at the moment. I have a lot of questions about who I actually am. Lots of assumptions about myself are out of the window.

the trans lesbian urge to become infatuated with your sisterly transfeminine friend

Video games had a fair sized impact on my transition. I usually played femme characters, which helped me trace my experience through the past

And my first name is the name I used for my main Urban Dead character (Urban Dead is a text-based mmorpg set in a zombie infested city)

I was just thinking about that Black Mirror episode with the two guys who play a Street Fighter style game together. And I was wondering about other people's experiences

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trans peeps - did video games play a role in discovering your transness?

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I've uploaded season one of our #podcast, #2ClownsInACloset, to the internet archive:

You can now listen to it all at once there, or on our website:

We're currently plotting ideas for another season, to be recorded once the closet is no longer experiencing summertime temperatures. :)


HRT soon maybe 

Things have aligned such that I might start HRT soon.

Partly because I feel very ready to take that step. And also I think I have a practical way to do so, thanks to a cool person and the community as a whole. (If ur in the UK like me, feel free to hmu about details)

It feels necessary tbh. But yeh, also kinda scary, I feel like I will have to almost get to know myself again. I dunno if that aligns with other people's experiences?

docteur strang 2 and the malty wheats of questionable vibes

The Stanley Parable, video games as a medium, a thing that I love about it 

*more spoiler stuff*

There are plenty of moments where you don't really have agency. But you can still run around and press buttons if you like, it's just that you'll eventually blow up or some such thing.

I'm not sure I could say what it means. But there's certainly a ludonarrative dissonance.

That combined with the great sound design, music, narration and sudden shift to a natural, setting is a very powerful moment.

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The Stanley Parable, video games as a medium, a thing that I love about it 

There's a really cool bit in The Stanley Parable, I think, that I haven't really heard people talk about


About the only time in the game that you completely lose autonomy, is when you 'win' the game - the 'Freedom Ending' where you turn off the mind control facility and step out into the world. At the point of stepping outside into the greenery, you suddenly can no longer control where the character walks.

hyperventilation but related to a cute, gay thing 

btw this was a thing that happened

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I made this little loop thing, but I am not good at developing when I make dance music... anyone got any thoughts?

hyperventilation but related to a cute, gay thing 

get u a girl who makes u hyperventilate when u kiss

went to a t4t club night last night and it was

very gay

Great News is such a funny and well written show. I can't fathom why they cancelled it after 2 seasons

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Which fediverse software do you use, boost for scale.

While I was away, I released some music :) it's a collection of simple, but beautiful I think, pieces written by a composer I met last month

okay I've been away due to technical issues... looks it's still popping off here tho :blobcatrainbow:

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I see the fediverse has been hopping today!

Hello new folks, I'm excited to have you in my feed alongside the merry band of weirdos I call my online friends.

Tonight I'll be practicing circus skills like handstands and juggling in a thrice-a-week video chat we call #CircusInPlace...and you're invited to come keep me and the regulars who hang out there company.

It's a very silly place to spend your evening.

I'll look forward to seeing you there, starting at 8pm UTC-5:

meme, shirtpost, stolen 

via Keffals' youtube community post (originally posted on Reddit see image description)

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