Also I should say, I do instigate most of the sessions, but I consider myself a facilitator and the group most certainly does not belong to me.

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I run a group that meets semi-regularly online. It's all about experimental art stuff! Mostly we think of fun things to try out and see what happens. And while we're nominally experimental, we have no genre preference.

I just added a couple of projects to the website:

^^ including one exploring ways we can describe sounds and how those descriptions are interpreted.

Maybe it's of interest. And if you'd like to join us you are very welcome!

I've changed all my Bandcamp music to the Attribution-ShareAlike license

Sample to your heart's content

- Book recommendation -

Humankind: A Hopeful History
by Rutger Bregman

It is very interesting, engagingly written and well researched.

The book argues that humans are good, and argues it convincingly.

Just played Left 4 Dead with my mum for the first time

My piece is in a book, which is fun. First time being in a book

(Under my dead name because the online collection was put together a while ago)

You can view all of the contributions to the book here:

And also you can view a PDF version of my score, from the included photo, here:

does anyone know any good dating sites/apps for trans/non-monogamous/queer people? :heart_trans:

Play Chopin’s Prelude in E Minor (Op. 28 No. 4)

Reimagine it as a piece of ambient music

Remove some notes


For 1+ performer(s)

• Play as loudly as possible for as long as possible

• You may only use your body and objects without electrical components


Please ensure that you do not injure yourself

‘As loudly as possible’ in this context means perceived loudness, meaning you should try to create a sustained loud sound as opposed to loud bursts of sound

‘As long as possible’ in this context, ideally, means until you are too tired to continue

There are no mistakes

re-reading the Before Watchmen series and tis very good

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