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I put all of my short text scores in one place

You may enjoy them if you like music adjacent thoughts, musings, poetry, provocations


psychedelics / mh / interview with Professor David Nutt 

really cool interview covering psychedelic research and therapy as well as drug policy in general, talking with Professor David Nutt

this tune always puts a smile on my face

bit of 90s trip hop kinda stuff, with a beaut of a trombone melody

At The River by Groove Armada

happy new queer everyone

yes, we (the gays) only have one joke

I put all of my short text scores in one place

You may enjoy them if you like music adjacent thoughts, musings, poetry, provocations


Great video on worker democracy. Very interesting and thorough. Goes over a lot of the research and different approaches to worker democracy

BBC transphobia / info on the BBC's complaints process 

A video about the BBC's initial response to complaints about the recent transphobic article. And how complaints can be escalated.

Mentions a Monday deadline for putting in an initial complaint about the article.

If you have the energy to put in a complaint, this could be a good thing to do. If you're not satisfied after a number of escalations, you can complain to Ofcom.

hey all :)

my new album is out!

and i've attempted to distil it in this way:

making a lot from very little, beauty in imperfection, bringing focus onto small things, listening with an awareness of expectations

it's free to stream and download / creative commons share alike / with the option to name your price

i hope you enjoy listening :)

thoughts on fruitful collaboration! part 3 

how flexible are my requests to potential collaborators?

you may not be able to find people who meet your specific needs. Perhaps there is a way to achieve something similar, with people who are available to be involved?

is my project commercial and should I be offering remuneration?

what do I gain from this project? Am I gaining more than other potential collaborators? Can the project become one of shared ownership? (philosophically and financially)

thoughts on fruitful collaboration! part 2 

is there a clear end to the project?

it can be a struggle if there are no clear goals. Have an ending in mind. This can change, of course, but it's still worthwhile.

how much creative freedom would potential collaborators have?

people will want to work with you if the project is fun and interesting for them as well as you!

thoughts on fruitful collaboration! part 1 

what level of commitment am I looking for?

working with others can be very rewarding, but it's easy for projects to simply not happen. Asking for a small commitment, would be my advice. I often ask, could a collaborator's contribution be completed in under an hour?

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I wrote a piece of music and asked some friends to play it, and I think it turned out beautifully

The piece gives a lot of freedom to the performers, and I think that's probably the main reason it sounds good. They made some really cool instrument choices, to give one example

you can listen here:

and read and listen here:

A cool talk by John Romero about his career in games. Talks about his upbringing, technologies he's used over the years and companies he's worked for and founded. Thinking about trends and what the future of video games might look like

(in case you've not heard of him, he worked on Doom and Quake)

Peops around London who like electronic music and audio visual shenanigans

I'm playing at the next Crux AV event. The other acts look very cool! And I might do a live remix of a 100 gecs tune...

It's at New River Studios, on Saturday the 20th of November, starting 7pm. £5 suggested donation on the door

More info here:

They also organise electronic music jams and stuff like that, so worth checking them out

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@ieure this EP from last year is still my most popular thing, working on a new one rn

I wrote some music (a text score) and asked some friends to play it. And the result really took me off guard, which I love

Will share it with everyone soon! Need to mix the recordings

here's a meme I made

alt: whitesmoke background with the caption "don't talk to me until I've had my morning"

Reply or DM me if you're interested in coming along or have questions!

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