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Something I think about sometimes is Grace Jones as a teenager in Syracuse, NY

for both the fans of capitalism in the room and the rest of us: commerce is not capitalism and can absolutely function as an organic means of distribution outside of a system that gives the owner class the right to a share of the value produced by the labor of others

tl,dr: a store is not capitalism


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Just glanced at this and saw the question mark at the dimensions I’m going to work out by fit rather than by number, and smiled. My sense of humor is aimed entirely at me.

I have drawn a little today, and made many measurements, and done lots of math

I’m not really a CAD/CAM kind of girl. Making myself some reproduction sights because, eventually, using antique parts stops being a viable plan.

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do u perhaps have time to appreciate a hyena real quick

When aliens landed
We said: "Save us"
And: "You are fake"
And: "We are busy"
And: "Leave us alone"
And: "Die"

The aliens listened
And said: "No"
And did nothing
Except watch us

And our anger
Did nothing
Our shame, our fear, our hate
To them

How alien they are, aliens

The other night I offered a friend of mine, who is a professional baker of incredible treats, a piece of cake that I'd made, and said, "it's just poundcake, it's not a big deal," and she pointed at me and said, "EVERY cake is a big deal," and I've been thinking about that a lot

I’m wearing new pants at work and they aren’t black carhartt and I feel a little bit naked

I'm not a huge fan of poetry in general, but since it's World Poetry Day, here's a link to my favourite poem:

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