Me, throwing away all my clothes: Marie Kondo

Me, shaving off my eyebrows: Marie Kondo

Me, driving my car into a lake: Marie Kondo!

Me, burning down a prison: MARIE KONDO

A couple hours ago, this was a piece of rusty thick wall tube with an outside dimension too big and an inside dimension too small.

All anti sex work marxists should get a fuckin swirly

:porky_happy: telling people to turn the lights off when they leave the room to prevent global warming
:porky_scared: holding the 100 companies that are responsible for 71% of global warming responsible

I have lived fast and had my friends die young around me and somehow survived.

Life doesn’t wrap up like poems or movies riding off in to the sunset.

No matter your momentary glory, every day involves your least flattering angles, and food that’s just ok, and wiping your ass, and the you that really isn’t cool.

It’s actually nicer this way.

Consumer capitalism will market to you a romanticized version of the end of the world, free from the expected pain and bad smells, replete with opportunities to look good in the dramatic lighting.

No matter how compelling that imagery is, that’s not what that experience would be like, and the bad smells are the only joy the situation would have to offer in reality.

fun fact: talking heads 77, the debut album by talking heads, was produced by jon bon jovi's cousin, tony bongiovi, whose name is enjoyable to say

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above: what straight people think is androgynously, meterosexually, elegant
below: actually gay

Thanks to modern chemistry, quitting smoking isn’t an experience of interminable craving. It is, rather, an experience of regular and repetitive disappointment: Ooh! I’m gonna... No I’m not.

Got a request for a design change that included an inquiry as to whether we could stop current units in production, to include the change before they were completed.

Unfortunately I don’t have enough time on my calendar available to say “I told you so” as many times as this job requires.

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