Me n hangin out for the first time in a decade

As much you need to support and care for the people around you at the end of the day you need to prioritise yourself and not caring for yourself will likely just impact your ability to care for others.
Which is why I wash my hands before I go to the toilet and not after. Sorry.

Me, responding to a friend's difficult life situation: *cracks knuckles, puts on old lady reading glasses, begins flurry of typing while the "Murder She Wrote" theme plays* Show more

People that want a taste of that top rung instead of tearing down the ladder make for shitty feminists

Prison Abolition and dealing with "The Dangerous Few"

I found this super compelling and it resolves my only holdout argument against prison abolition.

#anarchism #ACAB #abolition

I hate positive thinking bullshit and the way it blames us all for our problems.

being poorly calibrated for social expectations Show more

summer's finally here in New England, and you know what that means? Show more

Enemies are just friends you've already alienated

Anyone using self checkout at a chain grocery store is either stealing from the company or stealing from the employees. Make the right choice.

I got socks and underwear for my birthday and I couldn’t be more pleased

Reminder: do not follow me if you are under 29

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