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As is traditional, I hate these things but new instance means I can't vaguely handwave at my toots.
Gen Xer, white, very aware of my privilege. Used to describe myself as " mostly a cis woman" but honestly, still figuring that out.
Posting will be erratic, photos will be described most of the time & I CW when appropriate.
Always open to be corrected, b/c learning is good.
Will add to this as I go along.
I like cats.

Extremely Lewd, misuse of food item. 

Every time I see the word "Hyperlink", I read it as "Hypertwink". What is happening to me?

Oh gods, it's too late for me to leave here now isn't it?

Death, music 


Ableism, chronic illness 


I have come to that sad time of life where the only people who hit on me are romance-scammers. :blob_pensive:

Currently playing 'Romance-scammer non-Bot, or Romance-Scammer Bot' . Anyone care to guess how long it will take for them to ask for money?

Cov-19, funny, Netflix. 

Cov-19, chronic illness, PSA, Caps. 

Important Neighbour Cat update, cat photo 

Nothing is calculated more to make me feel like a monster, than the look of betrayal on Neighbour Cat's face when I put him out in the rain & tell him to go home.
His look of outrage & indignity as I shut the back door was heart-rending. He gave a proper enactment of ' Orphan of the storm ' stumbling across the back yard to his own house.

Will I ever be forgiven? (Yes, next time he wants treats & someone to play with).

US Black History, Russ Ewing, police violence 

Family estrangement. 

Spoilers, Dr Who. 

So many cute selfies on my TL this morning. Keep it up, your service is appreciated. It's distracting me from how much pain I am currently in.

Health, medical appointment, CFS clinic. 

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