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Racism, whiteness 

I saw a thing going round on birdsite about retweeting if your account is safe for people of any skin colour, and... I kind of hate it?
As a ' nice white person ' of course I want to be a safe person for Black & PoC. However the fact is, despite my best efforts, I might not be. I know I have caused hurt & been that racist ' nice white person ' in the past & it's so built in to the way I was brought up that despite all my best efforts, I might do it again.

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As is traditional, I hate these things but new instance means I can't vaguely handwave at my toots.
Gen Xer, white, very aware of my privilege. Used to describe myself as " mostly a cis woman" but honestly, still figuring that out.
Posting will be erratic, photos will be described most of the time & I CW when appropriate.
Always open to be corrected, b/c learning is good.
Will add to this as I go along.
I like cats.

Anyone here can help me with a list of words/descriptions related to mental health, to physical disabilities, and to LGBT folks?

It's for a game. I want to make sure I use terminology that is correct and not offensive.

I'm willing to pay for the gig, although I guess it shouldn't really be a lot of work?

Any help or pointers appreciated, including boosts.

Excellent piece by the brilliant Juliet Jacques (buy her book) on GRA reform and the toxic media hate campaign against trans rights.

instance block recommendation 

#fediblock -

- their user "omega9" has been real busy posting racist garbage and has been doing so for a long while (a *lot* of untagged lewds as well, btw)

- according to google translate it's a "no censorship" instance and there aren't any rules listed

- its admin boosts crap from gleasonator btw

- basically it smells like ur run of the mill trashfire freezepeach pleorma instance, except it's masto lol

yesterday was bi visibility day, today it's time to lurk in the shadows and silently take out biphobes

Asking for money help, boosts appreciated 

thank you guys so far for your help, i still just need a little bit more. i gotta take my dog to get his booster shots and we need groceries around the house, i need $150 still

my commissions Are open, DM if interested. otherwise you can help by sending money to:

CashApp: $RottenMutt

Venmo: MuttMusk


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Was about to write a thread on Black ppl getting suspended on twitter

White ppl and non Blk PoC on here running off Black folks

Ppl using algorithms as an excuse to be holier than thou on folks that end up going back to twitter (for reasons you dont understand bc youre white)

and the colorism...

Anyways, €10 patrons will get the thoughts.

My Computer is dead. I had to spend loooot of unexpected money for that because it's my principle work tool.
As I need money af, I ask you to make me commissions that I will be able to honor when I'll get my new PC
My portfolio:

Please share, I need to work and make money!

Breaking what was to be a de-stressing hiatus to ask for help.

Patreon support continues to sink. I haven't had any pay from any work since July. I just got an electric bill that will wipe out my account. Any help would be very appreciated.


Folks in England and Wales, will you download and follow the rules of the NHS test and trace app that just came out?

[ ]

I'm in the beginnings of writing something up about how FOSS projects that aim to be accessible, inclusive, whatever angle of not shitty, etc, are near impossible to sustain due to the FOSS landscape/environment lead by people like Eugen, Dansup, and the like.

If you want to complain @ me about it, go for it. Tell me about your awesome shit that died or can't be what it should because of white supremacy/capitalism in FOSS.

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Does anyone have any tips on masks 😷 and makeup 💄 for trans women who need to conceal beard shadow etc?

At present there's a lot of times where I have to wear a mask, but I also take it off - the other day, I had to wear it in a seminar, but take it off for an outdoor coffee with a friend, and the concealer/foundation had rubbed off my top lip area in particular onto the inside of the mask 😱

Any tips for this not to happen? Laser is, as ever, pending (given lockdowns etc).


uspol, maybe judgmental, maybe a cold take 

people keep saying stuff like, 'we need to make sure black lives matter,' and i'm like...they do? like, they inherently do?

i am so uncomfortable with the continual centering of whiteness as an arbiter. black life is sacred whether a racist jury thinks so or not? like. this is an indication of the incompetence and malice of racist USians, not some sort of referendum on whether someone's life mattered. it does. black lives matter

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thinkin about the attitudes i see about work ethic and capitalism 

i don't think there's anything wrong with feeling satisfaction at a job well done. In fact, it's a good and healthy feeling.

The problem is the context it's been put into. I feel like millennials and likely zoomers are all stuck in a paradigm where like, having genuine respect for their work leads to being taken advantage of, and having to learn to slack off and care less, or just totally losing it from stress.

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