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Racism, whiteness 

I saw a thing going round on birdsite about retweeting if your account is safe for people of any skin colour, and... I kind of hate it?
As a ' nice white person ' of course I want to be a safe person for Black & PoC. However the fact is, despite my best efforts, I might not be. I know I have caused hurt & been that racist ' nice white person ' in the past & it's so built in to the way I was brought up that despite all my best efforts, I might do it again.

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As is traditional, I hate these things but new instance means I can't vaguely handwave at my toots.
Gen Xer, white, very aware of my privilege. Used to describe myself as " mostly a cis woman" but honestly, still figuring that out.
Posting will be erratic, photos will be described most of the time & I CW when appropriate.
Always open to be corrected, b/c learning is good.
Will add to this as I go along.
I like cats.

Tweet from Adam Lowe (@adambeyoncelowe) Adam Lowe (@adambeyoncelowe) Tweeted:
I will pay for 2 Black aspiring critics from Greater Manchester to take part in this too. I'll even throw in a chat over tea/coffee or Zoom. DM me.

US pol, judicial murder, homophobia,racism 

"Roy Cohn" filmmaker Ivy Meeropol on her new HBO doc about the man who killed her grandparents |

Note that I haven't seen the documentaries discussed, but I have read up a little on the Rosenbergs but knew very little about Cohn. Meeropol's take about how people like Cohn don't end up as isolated incidents of evil, is perfect & daunting.

Photos, some ec , bare legs 

You asked, you got them. Phone cam photos of not very good photos, so y'know.

Just found a bunch of silly photos of me in my 20s. Who wants to see them if I can gather the spoons up to put them on here?

UK pol, disability benefits 

Just spent 45 minutes in a phone queue for the DWP Personal Independence Payments teams & had to give up because it too painful to do that any longer.

All this to ask for a piece of paper that another government dept wants so I can get my disabled persons parking permit, which is issued by my local city council. They have all the documents that say I get the benefit, but one isn't recent enough, despite it being the most recent one I have. :angercrywall:

A Survival Guide for Black, Indigenous, and Other Women of Color in Academe - The Chronicle of Higher Education

So y'know I thought I'd solved the mystery of my phone being possessed? Turns out I was wrong and it's still haunted.
I replaced the screen protector, made sure everything was updated and it was fine, until this morning.
It's disconcerting watching random screen presses apparently happening when my hands are no on the screen.
Next step might be dunking it in holy water and buying a new one.

Dad Tries To Challenge His 5-Month-Old Son Into A Rap Battle, Gets Defeated By His Laughter | Bored Panda shop has an option where you can sponsor a gift for a black person for a 1 time donation! A free item will be given to a black person , with priority given to black women, black queer and trans folks, and black youth.
This is such a nice idea & I strongly recommend that white people who can afford to do this spread a little bit of joy.

PH, swearing, UK pol, Covid-19 

Feeling super angry today about having & the utter fucking rolling shit show that is the UK's response to public health.
Anyone would think those fucks in government wanted people like me to die :thonkery:

Turns out my phone probably wasn't haunted, sadly.
Bit disappointed to be honest. Water under the screen protector way more boring than a possessed phone.

Saw this on BLM UK birdsite & thought it may be of interest.

Fundraiser by Melz Owusu : The Free Black University

Food plants 

My Strawberry Grape vine has actual recognisable baby grapes! I am so excited 🍇🍇

My phone is haunted and I just had to crawl under the bed to find my pajama bottoms. Both of these things are unfair, so I am going to bed.

Body horror, angst. 

Today's mood - I am watery, painful bag of meat, haunted by ghosts, fighting with my own racism and the insignificance of everything I do.

I will not be taking questions at time because, see above.

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