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Racism, whiteness 

I saw a thing going round on birdsite about retweeting if your account is safe for people of any skin colour, and... I kind of hate it?
As a ' nice white person ' of course I want to be a safe person for Black & PoC. However the fact is, despite my best efforts, I might not be. I know I have caused hurt & been that racist ' nice white person ' in the past & it's so built in to the way I was brought up that despite all my best efforts, I might do it again.

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As is traditional, I hate these things but new instance means I can't vaguely handwave at my toots.
Gen Xer, white, very aware of my privilege. Used to describe myself as " mostly a cis woman" but honestly, still figuring that out.
Posting will be erratic, photos will be described most of the time & I CW when appropriate.
Always open to be corrected, b/c learning is good.
Will add to this as I go along.
I like cats.

Christmas appeal, Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (VACCA) 

I just donated to the Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (VACCA) Christmas appeal:

Help give Indigenous children, Elders and families in so-called Australia much needed support over Christmas

Please boost! Every bit helps

#PayTheRent #Reparations

There's other ways to send money listed, on the GoFundMe:




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There seem to be zine enthusiasts on here, so I'll post some of the "zine reviews" I've been doing for an online comics magazine called Pulp de Luxe~

#zines #comics #mastoart

Baby news 

I'm going to be a parent in a couple weeks ^_^ As we are unemployed and high-risk our income since March has been negligible. We're not in crisis but we do find ourselves needing baby supplies.

We've put together this registry and I'm going to go ahead and share it. Anything anyone can offer would be a help, even if it's a buck or two towards one of the larger items. If you understandably can't help with buying, a share is also great.

Thank you!

This is for the black folk in the fedi, I truly don't care about your nonblack opinions and takes on the matter fyi.

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People will fight tooth and nail to defend their friends who bully and abuse black users and still say "black lives matter."


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There are a LOT of users who will chant "black lives matter" at the latest slaying

and then befriend people who literally bully and target black users into deleting their accounts simply for existing

and don't see a conflict.

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People will have you thinking that there's not a lot of black folks on the fediverse and then never mention that people keep chasing black folks OFF the fediverse lmao

that's why you don't see a lot of us

because ya antiblack

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Since I've spotted a few new users joining mastodon who are black, fair warning:

⭐ 💫 join an instance with very strong block and admin policies because antiblackness is strong here~ 🌟 ✴️

folks literally tried to run a black-run instance into the ground

Hashtags can be difficult for blind people's screen readers, because the reading software may have trouble telling the words apart in the tag.

✅ You can make hashtags screen reader friendly by using "CamelCase", where each word in the tag begins with a capital letter.

For example, #DogsOfMastodon is fine but #dogsofmastodon may cause problems.

#FediTips #MastoTips #Accessibility #A11y #Hashtags #ScreenReaders

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@felineforestmedicine yt ppl definitely should be boosting this and subscribing. Dealing w my own racial trauma as a black person and other people’s racial trauma as a trauma healing practitioner has been A YEAR. (I’m tired as fuck)

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Actually you know what it’s about to be Christmas. All yt ppl (yt queers I’m looking at u) with generational wealth, I want 10 supporters at 50$ too.
I’m waiting #payBlackTherapists we r tired as fuck

I’m looking for submissions for the next issue of my zine, “Transvestia”. This issue is focused on the intersection of fat and trans/nb bodies and experiences. I’m only taking submissions from fat trans/nonbinary people!

I accept all mediums — art, writing, music, even videos! The deadline is Jan 20th 2021. Please email me at or DM me if you’re interested. And please share!!

Can any of my friends help me out? Been trying to sign up for an invite, but not getting anything through. Tried to change my email in case I messed that up, but it won't let me do that on the sign up page (unless I am missing something?) .

Any help would be appreciated, thank you friends.

Hard of hearing/disability whining. 

The tubes on my CROS system broke, so now am without hearing aids over Xmas. I rang the clinic this morning & they said I could come in to get them changed but yeah, not going to the damn hospital, because, well pandemic??
Talked them into posting me some new ones out so hopefully they won't be too delayed because I haaaaate not having them. All I can hear is tinnitus. It's like having a head full of spikey grey static.

Hey New People,

Have you heard about The Snake Post Office yet?

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