Hey friends,

The reception to my debut #Metal release, Fidelity, has been so overwhelming, that I went and had the release properly remastered by someone who knows how to do these #Music things well (aka not me). The remasters have arrived back in my hands and are now on my #BandCamp.

If you are reading this, you can have a code for a free download + streaming license for the album.

If you are boosting this, your following can have the same.

Codes for everyone.

In all seriousness, Nightmare Lyre of the band @NegativeOhio did a fantastic job and I want everyone to hear the difference they've made.


One of our members is working on transitioning, which is costing a fair bit of money. If you want to help out, please consider buying our music digitally on Bandcamp or buying some of our merch:



Okies, I think I've bought all my 'I can reasonable steal from my budget' budget will allow for this #BandcampFriday

If you wanna throw coin at me (bandcamp link in profile), or better yet, these fine people listed below, you should do it in the next 12 hours or so while we get max profits

Thank you @flangecircus , @c_reider , and @NegativeOhio for the awesome work in the music you created, which I now have copies of~

T-minus 3 hours to #BandCamp Friday! Wootwoot!

If you enjoy my #Metal and #Electronic / #Industrial #Music, please consider dropping a coin on this most generous of days. I will see the full amount minus any cut that the payment processor takes. BandCamp itself does not take their usual 15% today.


It's #BandcampFriday ! If you want to support my work, to get more than 200 #music albums (+2000 songs) under #creativecommonsZero licence, you can buy my full discography for less than 12€ ! 🔥​

Thanks for your time :heart_trans:


it is #bandcampfriday. :blobcheer:
i'm a #chiptune musician in a fairly insecure financial situation currently working on getting social housing.

if you enjoy my #music, pick it up at cyanidedansen.bandcamp.com/ !

Thank you for reading. Boosts appreciated!

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We're releasing a new song tomorrow for Bandcamp Friday

As you can tell from the album cover, it will be inspired by Animal Crossing and will be very wholesome

Okay, music fans:

What's the most menacing recorded song you can name? Just the strongest, most palpable "😳 this song is pretty mad I'm listening to it, and doesn't wanna sit around on its hands, either" vibes

:boost_ok: Please boost; I need candidates!

Check out what our buddy called "our magnus opus" and what what you could arguably say is the Citizen Kane of Post-Grind-Death-Trap-Prog-Noise-Industrial-Metal! negativeohio.bandcamp.com/trac

Hello everyone, trying to expand what social medias we're on because Twitter sucks.

We're an experimental Metal/Noise/Hardcore/Jazz band who makes noisy songs in very odd ways. Please check out our Bandcamp! negativeohio.bandcamp.com/

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