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Another story from your's truly.

This one is a little bit stranger than my previous pieces and can best be described as surreal horror. If you like strange little horror stories, please give it a read.

lewd, queer porn, queer representation 

comedians in a nutshell, tansmissia, homophobia 

comedians in a nutshell, tansmissia, homophobia 


US Elections 

I'm always annoyed that the past tense of 'think' is 'thought' and not 'thunk'.

covid 19, work, shitty high school folks 

"What? No, I'm not sick."

"But you said-."

"No, no, I meant I have 19 crows."

Deep in the bowels of hell, my torturer makes small talk.

"So why did you come to hell?"

Without missing a beat, I say back. "Dis Pandemonium."

He looks at me incredulously.

I sigh. "Ursury."

I like this site. where else would I read people argue that working from home removed your humanity

CDC: To fight the virus, we will need to think like a virus.

Capitalist: My time to shine.

gaming, social distancing, corvid 19 

Other people will always look better than you do because your subconcious doesn't spend all its time nitpicking their appearances.

Those 19th Century Polymathic geniuses get a lot less impressive when you realise they paid people to dress them.

And even less impressive when you realise how pointedly they didn't pay whole loads of people.

[being smacked over the head by a mourning widow] i'm sorry *ow* it's just that you said *ow* that your husband was *ouch* literally a saint and i *ow* checked the list of saints and he's not on there so *ouch, fuck* technically your statement was *ow* inaccurate. i'm *ouch* so sorry i'm a white man i'm *fuck* contractually obligated to do this

I miss the days when all online content wasn't simultaneously advertisements for Hollywood.

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