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Another story from your's truly.

This one is a little bit stranger than my previous pieces and can best be described as surreal horror. If you like strange little horror stories, please give it a read.

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Don't you hate it when you start reading a long post assuming it'll be some kind of political take but then you find out you were wrong and accidentally learn something about anime? Well it happened to me.

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Language is just what a group of people have mutually agreed on.

One day, I'm going to explain how a petty one-up-manship competition between the aristocracy and the bourgeoisie, led to a plague of self-help books that made the English language the confusing mess it is today.

Anyway, this rant went on too long so I'm just going to have a shower and get ready for work.

Tl;dr, colour is a useful metaphor for gender.


There's always evolution in language. I remember the whirl wind days of tumblr neo-pronouns and how that eventually just collapsed into the broad use of 'they' in queer communities, which is a shame for all of the reasons. While I am fine being referred to as 'they' by strangers, I would rather my pronouns be listed as 'she / her / xe / xir' than 'she / her / they / them'.

I'm still the same, the language is different.


In the Anglosphere, enbies have one of the most difficult tasks I have ever heard of, expressing their genders in a way that can be understood by others.

Its not impossible. People can learn new colours all the time. Go into any Games Workshop in the world and ask for Khorne Red and they will get it for you even if no one else in the world would understand.

But people have to be willing to learn and if they're not...


Transphobes assume that gender is simply man and woman, because that's how it is in our society. But other societies have more or different genders.

Those societies have people with the same bodies and minds as us, just different ways of expressing those bodies and minds.


Colours that are described as the same in English, are not always the same in other languages. Russian famously as two different words to describe light blue and dark blue while these are both just blue in English.

The same wavelengths are still be seen and interpreted, they're just described different.


Obviously, this does not exist in a vacuum, language is the problem.


Let's apply that to gender:

There is a specific something inside of us (be it hormonal, genetic, learnt, whatever, it wouldn't be the same for any two of us) that makes us feel a certain way.

This is interpreted by us as specific wants, desires, etc, that we wish to obtain.

I then use language to vocalise or perform those responses.

Something inside of me makes me want to appear and be treated a certain way. I then perform womanhood to explain those feelings to another.

Ok, so, @Sapphicgiraffic once made a joke about how gender is like colour and I don't know how seriously they meant it, but its completely accurate.

There is a type of radiation we call light that can be seen by humans.

This is interpreted by human eyes and human minds as specific colours in our world.

To talk about those colours, we need languages that agree upon them.

e.g. A certain light hits my eyes and I see a colour. I then say, 'What a beautiful purple' so you know what I see.

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You know what's pretty nice

Lighting running your fingers through a cutie's hair.

That's pretty *chef's kiss*

sometimes u just gotta admit ur feelings are hurt and walk away

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