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I just published a new story. Check it out if you like social commentary, black comedy, or vampires.

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'Just send your lewds straight to the Lord!!!' Says the youth pastor to an empty hall.

He sits, wrapping his legs around the back of a chair and sips his pumpkin spiced latte.

'Now, I know you all think Healyn is amazing, but you know who was also real fucking nice? Jesus.'

A Youth Pastor walks into the church hall holding a skateboard and wearing a backwards cap. He says, 'I know you kids are always talking about what's bad ass, but have you ever thought about what's good butt?'

This animation shows the global vegetation cycle. Equatorial regions (particularly Earth's two largest rainforests) stay green all year round. The Northern and Southern parts of Earth's landmasses vary seasonally, going from virtually nothing in winter to a lush green in summer. Due to the positioning of Earth's continents, the Northern hemisphere shows much more variation.

Credit: NASA Goddard Scientific Visualization Studio

When you think about it there's actually a lot of parralels between game of thrones and current british politics Show more

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sonic unleashed implies that before that, sonic was leashed...

Christians: Yay, Easter XD

Most Everyone Else: Ugh, Easter :(

People with Rabbit Fursonas and Bunny Petplayers: Yay, Easter XD

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