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@gargron just fyi you may want to amend cause twitter does have an image description feature, that's the one thing it's taken from mastodon so far

ameeeeeeeeeeeew! ameeeeeew

i wanted to do an awoo and this is the closest i can do :3

dunno what caused it but my brain has just been steadily increasing my anxiety levels all day and my head fucking hurts

the only serious programming language take i will ever have is fuck java

proud to announce the launch of Microsoft Plus! 98 for Mastodon

what's your favourite song, mine is "all i wanna do is (gunshot) (gunshot) (gunshot) (gunshot) and a (gun cocking) (cash register drawer ejecting) and take ya money"

i could listen to Woah! I'm In Space Cuba! basically all fucking day it's that :jhg_g: :jhg_o: :jhg_o: :jhg_d: :hacker_s: :hacker_h: :hacker_i: :hacker_t:

i have TRIED michaelsoft bing windows live search for windows. i have ENDURED duck duck and go
i have SUFFERED jeeves the curious butler
none have ever come close to the expert knowledge and linguistic understanding of my boyfriend the search engine, "AltaVista"

thought for a second i was listening to some kind of quiet bass-heavy track but no i just had noise-cancelling headphones on and was hearing the creak of my jaw that i'd unconsciously been moving about in a stupid position

jeff bezos standing directly in front of me & shhouting into my fucking face, "i know every thing about you, consumer, i will target advertisements at you!!"
i roll my eyes & point at my amazon prime home page which is playing a sports advertisement video and recommending i buy, in no specific order:
- the complete collection of Burt's Bees
- bestselling fragrances for women
- £1500 DSLR cameras
- HP printer ink
- adult diapers
- mcafee livesafe
- sky+ hd box(???)
- a harmonica

every time i log into the web interface for my NAS it just displays a transparent png of my fursona wearing a skirt and below it is "a message from the system administrator" which i have configured to say "awoo"

gotta love when software listens to your hollerin'

oh it heard me. "LOG: database system is ready to accept connections"

"FATAL: the database system is starting up" yeah u been saying that for the last ten minutes hurry up

cannot believe i am being subtootled on the fedi this day

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