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how many times have the mcelroy brothers casually endorsed shoplifting

crashing 1,507 systems in the 90s: impressive feat
crashing 1,507 systems in 2020: another shitty monday

every time i go to the town centre area outside resident services it feels like most of the island’s residents are gathered there and
- that violates local statutes pertaining to social distancing
- why are they all fucking naruto running

somebody should write a piece of software for iPhones and MacBooks with Taptic Engines that makes them move in certain patterns to simulate the feeling of having a mechanical hard drive

my tiny little one-user instance is aware of almost 11,000 users and approx 1,400 instances. just in case i ever forget how big the fediverse is.

finally remembered to register my GamesTop Associatesona

hello it's maff calling from maff, incorporated, my colleague maff spoke to you earlier regarding my brilliant purple fur and i understand you had some outstanding maff queries

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obviously i'm just very prepared for if i ever somehow become a company

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my usage is hobbyist at worst but my expectations for how you allow me to configure my environment are enterprise at minimum

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i literally use aws for one single service (SES Send) and i use it at such low volume that amazon waive the fees every single month but that hasn't stopped me from:
- setting up SAML-based authentication to the account so I can auth against my own private IdP
- having Grafana configured to query cloudwatch so I can see how crazy the email volume is (not very)
- having a bunch of billing alerts set up in case i use even 30 united states dollar cents

u ever just get overwhelmed at how good ur friends are

i relate to the aspect of animal crossing where the other villagers need to teach you how to have specific emotions

i did the thing everyone is doing and i hate that there are brands in it

at least most of the people are furries. that’s great & is what i wanted. shame about the brands though.

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