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it's 2019 and applications will still ask you to manually download and install the latest version when they know there's an update out

the mikrotik routeros license is stored in the balls

hate how it takes me like four hours after waking up before my brain allows me to do things like "Think"

hey google can you delete yourself

i mean i did literally search for this but i hate that you knew what i wanted

microsoft outlook :outlook: just reminded me to eat lunch
it'd be real cool if it just did that on its own without me having to set a recurring calendar entry because i'm so fucking dysfunctional i can't reliably -feed myself-

weird how my phone network is having a nationwide outage but i used my mobile data to go on google and find out about it :thonking:

this is a really lovely pen but tbh i wish they’d called it something else

i still don't like linux
but alpine is, now that i've given it an actual go, very close to what i want in an OS.
- fast and simple setup process that's easy to automate
- serial console available by default
- minimal standard environment
- absolutely nothing GNU or poettering in it

there are two kinds of people in open-source
the unhelpful, and the actually helpful.

Reminder: October 14th is ! Cisgender people honour us and celebrate us and acknowledge that the world is transphobic by giving their friends cake, ideally homemade but store bought is fine!

Also hi, I’m trans (nonbinary) and queer!

fun idea: mod cisco webex to replace the "someone joined the meeting" beep with the teamspeak "user joined your channel" voice

why does every youtuber have that distinct youtuber voice

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