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of course if this game existed it would have to have a FedEx/UPS game mode where the goal is to cause as much damage as possible while delivering your packages (bonus points for smashing house windows, etc, when throwing the parcel at the delivery address)

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i was about to post that i'd love to see a game where it's a battle royale situation like fortnite/pubg except it's 100 couriers on a map

except i'd actually just. play a game where you are a courier and you deliver items. like euro truck simulator but with more twisty, complex routes with tens of waypoints and delivery stops and stuff
& you get a rating for whether you met the delivery window, whether you got a signature/photo, etc


tbh stands for "tiny bark here"

250 of us have been laid off from Mozilla this morning.

If you have openings or can offer assistance, please use the #MozillaLifeboat tag!

coming out of my cage and i've been doing ok but i'm kinda cramped from being in the cage

last night was kinda lovely. -huge- lightning storm passed over my city and i was able to watch most of it from my IP camera
it is a shame that it knocked out my internet for half a day but hey, it got me out of my morning meetings

put on my youtube likes playlist and i'm just vibing along with like, mario & luigi super star saga music and stuff, then the song ends and youtube begins playing "garfielf emotionally abuses jon and then kills himself" followed by "garfielf becomes god and vores the universe"

whoops that was a tirade. haha hello gamers how are u

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winget, meanwhile, does not have any official support for desired state configuration at all. idk if it's a planned feature for when winget can perform more tasks than "blindly install a package", but wow that sucks

scoop, despite being written in powershell, does not have any support for DSC either. i guess that makes sense because it tries to run everything from your local profile, but it -does support global installations-.

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chocolatey stands out as being the best-supported package manager if you're using Desired State Configuration, however good luck actually using it in your DSC documents because uh. non-interactive installs will completely fuck up the Local Configuration Manager, because it hangs while the setup application (which is expecting a user to click 'Next', but the user never sees it because LCM runs as Local System) is running

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chocolatey is great because
- package maintainers seem to just not be fucked about keeping packages up-to-date or functioning
- want reliable downloads? fuck you pay us
- sometimes there's like four different packages for the same application and no discernible difference between three of them (AppName, AppName.install, AppName.portable, and AppName is not always a virtual package for .install or .portable)
- silent/non-interactive installs? what are those?

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winget (microsoft's own) is shit in that it can install packages but not identify that a package is out of date, nor can you uninstall using it, but it's brand new and being worked on

scoop seems to not actually be all that shit but i've not used it enough to pass judgement

chocolatey, though. hoo boy.

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my favourite thing about windows package managers is they're all invariably shit in one way or another

chocolatey is definitely the shittiest though.

was reminded last night of the microsoft Kin and now i’m reminding you all of that disaster

Providing a means of validating your email without signing up for the mailing list, without explaining it, doesn't get you a GDPR compliance pass. really, really not a fan of this.

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trying out, and had to sign up in order to get the open-source copy. requires email verification, the default method tries to get you to subscribe to their mailing list, isn't made clear you can verify without subscribing. pretty sure this isn't compliant with the GDPR

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