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Yo Bitbucket is just deleting Mercurial repositories by June 2020 -- they've given no reason why they aren't make mercurial repositories read-only. Deleting them wholesale seems so unnecessary and hostile.


today's Big Mood is the jira issue status field being truncated to say "READY FOR PEE..."

lewd shitpost; kink mention 

(RTGame's fake enthusiastic gaming youtuber voice) be sure and have a :lazer_G: :lazer_A: :lazer_M: :lazer_E: :lazer_R: :lazer_I: :lazer_N: :lazer_G: day

maybe the real "epic gamering moment" was all the noobs we killed along the way...

🌲 Please think of the environment before you read this email

y'all i can just like.. ride an elevator down a floor. and buy a bacon roll for breakfast.

:w_wide: :a_wide: :c_wide: :k_wide:

after working at my new job for a month i legit have no idea how i survived at my last workplace that didn't have an on-site café

vaguely horny shitpost 

"slime" rhymes with "crime" and today i learned exactly why

just got a meeting invite with the location "Neverland" followed very quickly by an amendment to change the location to "WebEx"

webex status: cancelled because i'm the only person that joined

@renatolond is it possible for the crossposter to optionally strip out words that are matched for crossposting? thanks for making such a nice-to-use crossposter! (also thanks for making the metrics for it publicly available - i'm a bit of a data geek)

let's see if this mastodon-twitter crossposter is Cool (it certainly seems Cool)

"Windows XP is the last Windows OS to support a game port" :blobsad:

waiting for Shit to Occur with something i'm doing at work and somehow my brain went "hey how does PS2<>USB work" and now i'm just down a rabbit hole of wikipedia pages yet again

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