Remember how when people finally learned that radio stations would only play hits that music companies told them to do it was suddenly a huge issue that everyone felt was morally wrong, and then everyone just completely forgot about it and accepted it as the norm

Nuclear >>>>>> solar panels >>>>> wind farms

hot take: the victims of the Chernobyl nuclear accident are all of us; the resulting anti-nuclear movement made further transition to carbon neutral nuclear impossible

food , .mp4 format meme 

here's my favorite meme of all time

❌ bee lost eir job & needs some support ❌ 

hi friends, ya fave sex educator was laid off yesterday and i need some support to buy a laptop to start the job search over again, as i currently don’t have access to a computer.

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#transcrowdfund #wenbiesday

Also - if it seems like to anyone I talk about callout bullshit a lot: it's because just about every week someone else I know has gotten called out, then I look at the callout and realize it contains no concrete accusations of anything but something someone said on the internet once.
I am really tired of abusers getting away with this shit and people who point this fact out getting shit from people who refuse to listen.

Fake callouts:

- Generally emphasize statements made on the internet above all
- Do not accuse someone of doing something concrete, but instead suggest said statements indicate the person is *probably* dangerous (they will even usually use the word 'probably', or 'suspicious')
- Many times try to pull statements made by someone years ago, even when that person has shown an obvious change in viewpoints as a result of growing

Like, fucking come on man.

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I fucking hate this so much too because I've seen real, legitimate fucking callouts that were deserved and made because people had actually been hurt. And it's not even hard to tell the difference between the two, but people can't do it??? Here's a hint:

Real callouts have:

- Actual stories of abuse backed by multiple sources
- Actual examples of how someone's behavior hurt someone in the real world

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Seriously though: I'm so fucking sick of these mentalities. Truth be told? Literally none of these people posting call outs left and right give a shit about abusers. The only thing most of these people care about, whether they realize it or not, is making themselves feel morally pure so they don't feel like they need to put any effort into trying to make an actual fucking difference in the world. You cannot set yourself up to be played by abusers, then claim you care about people being abused.

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Demonstrations? Nah, that would require you get off social media. Same with voting. Too difficult, you pulling everyone in your social circle into your own personal witch hunt is totally good enough and removes the need for making any kind of difference.

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The true definition of activism is to believe absolutely everything on the internet about someone is completely true at all times, and to scour the internet history of every one of your friends to find something problematic they said 10 years ago before they knew anything about social issues.
If you can't find anything problematic don't worry, just find something ambiguous enough and call them sus, literally no one will second guess it.

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"The only people against call out culture are abusers themselves!" stated the abuser who was using call out culture to isolate and harass their victim

Funner is a word and I will keep saying it until it gets into a damned dictionary. It's called consistency, English.

How is anyone's mental health in this country anything above abysmal

@Lyude (to anyone assuming this is a subtweet it isn't; today is not close first time I've seen weird FOSS Conspiracies get pushed around like fact)

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I gotta start a "Debunking FOSS Conspiracies" series at some point

Does anarchism provide any solutions, beyond a critique of the status quo and existence of governmental bodies?

The funny thing about Boston is that the mascot for our public transit system is a guy named Charlie, but he's based on a song about how a dude got on the T and couldn't afford to get off so got stuck on there forever. Seems pretty weird to have your mascot be from a song about how shitty and expensive and unfair to poor people your public transit is, but I guess that's on brand for Boston.

If you're stopped by a cop:

I went to a seminar put on by the Seattle Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild. If police stop you outside a car, this is what you should do:

ask: "Am I free to go?" Persist until you get a yes or no
-if yes, leave ASAP
-If no, say this:
"I'd like to speak to a lawyer"
"I don't consent to a search"
"I am exercising my right to remain silent"

Simply being silent doesn't invoke that right. You have to invoke the right to remain silent directly. Being more precise can only help, but it is not necessary. "I'm invoking my right to remain silent" is also valid.

You must request a lawyer clearly and directly. It may be true that a cop could claim ignorance of what someone means when they say "I want a lawyer" or "I'd like to talk to a lawyer," but the meaning in the context of an interaction with police should be obvious and claimed ignorance would not hold up in any court that isn't rigged, like small town courts.

The lawyers that hosted the seminar relayed the story of someone who was in the process of being arrested and said "I want a lawyer, dawg." The police and state successfully argued to the court that the meaning of what the person said was unclear, and they thought he was requesting a "lawyer dog." Be concise and precise in your wording.

Even if police hassle you about not consenting to a search, and even if they proceed with a search anyway, directly stating you don't consent to a search ensures that if they search you and find anything, that evidence could be dismissed as invalid due to being unlawfully obtained.

whenever someone drops the fact that it wasn't even 30 years ago that the government stopped sterilizing Indigenous women without consent, i want to maim a white person

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