ATTN WESTERN MASS PEOPLE: Just heard from verified sources that three black ICE SUVs with armed ICE agents have been spotted on Rt. 9 in Hadley heading toward Amherst. If you see them, film them and call the SiS hotline (if you don't have it already, DM me)

I have too many bugs, please stop using computers so I don't get more. Thanks

Hey guys reminder since it's coming to be that time again, and I know people will ask me about it soon. My opinion is that the RH merger is bad and IBM sucks. That is your answer to any question for me, so please seriously do not bug me asking about what I think of the merger.

medical (+) 

medical (-) 

medical (-) 

Eye problems (-) 

Eye problems (-) 

so, yesterday, i put together a list of nazi instances i had blocked. that post has been boosted over 60 times. that's cool, i'm glad i did something useful.

but i can't do that kind of thing if i can't eat. my post about needing money for food has been boosted ten times.

if you appreciate and value the work i put into notifying everyone about where the fash are and you have some money to spare, please pay me.

if you can't give, please always boost.

Cryptocurrency fanatics coming out of the wood works to fight Chuck E' Cheeses because they dunked on Bitcoin we are in 2019 folks

Tip: if you hate conventions, don't go to them.

Furry is unbelievably small sometimes and as I get older I notice it more, but I also really like that as well because it's cool having almost everyone know each other

FLOSS projects which aren't open to community discussion (I don't mean controlled polling, I mean actual input on forums and issue-trackers) and structure their project authority based on some conceptualization of merit as well as "project insiders" and "project outsiders" are prime examples of how closed meritocratic systems slowly degrade themselves even if they are "open" in principle.

The culture around these kinds of projects is in dire need of change. They can't pretend to be above the community as open projects and stay relevant compared to proprietary software, they are sacrificing their biggest advantage, their open feedback-systems. Megacorporations with proprietary software at best have some kind of help form where the feedback process is restricted severely and change is nearly impossible and exponentially slower. Why are FLOSS projects trying to emulate that?

I'm not making any kind of personal critique, this is just a cybernetic systems observation on how FLOSS adoption stagnates.

While the US is known to be very diverse, we are always learning more about the cultures which reside in it. Scientists have recently discovered a group of people they've named, "The Flag People"

I can't believe the entire population of this down is solely comprised of 253 new born babies, and counting.

You know what I'm bringing this convention that I am ecstatic?


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