What RMS, Torvalds and the like cost us 

I can't wait to dab in front of a kid 10 years from now and have them go "what"

Medical, eyes (-) 

I got my gender on release and had to sleep outside a GameStop for it

I've genuinely never felt so accomplished making an espresso in my life as this day
This espresso machine is going to live another decade, my friends

Ever tried making an espresso with your espresso machine in the morning only to find out it's finally kicked the bucket so you got so annoyed you removed the physical on/off switch with a spoon, then realized your suspecion of electric contacts melting was correct then fixed it?

uspol (-) 

*finished catching up on Twitter* damn I'm bored give me more content
*Closes twitter*
*Immediately reopens twitter, expecting more content*

You'll Be Surprised by Why Charlie Sheen Always Keeps A Ceramic Clown In His Ferrari

Medical (-) 

Healthcare (~) 

At least the nurses actually called me by the right name :|

healthcare - 


Yesterday I learned stinky couches give you stitches. Literally.

Man I wish companies would stop sending me spam email because they literally think I am the President of my company
(Yes. This really happens, a lot. It's because of how my deadname abbreviates)

I just saw a sign that said:
"There is only one
Morgan & Morgan"
Well that is clearly a lie

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