fundarising, help a trans woman Rojava fighter, boosts appreciated 


> I’m a trans woman who was active in Zapatista activism in Mexico for many years before going to Syria to support the women’s revolution and to join the YPJ.

> The YPJ, or the Women’s Defense Units, is an all-female militia under the umbrella of the Syrian Democratic Forces, which defends the Rojava Revolution, and the Kurdish Women’s Liberation Movement.

> I was injured after 6 months. The injury requires a complex surgery to correct.

Details here:

(If you want to avoid your state associating you with Rojava, I can be your intermediary for donations. I'm reachable on encrypted chats and can forward your donation with a keyword on the public log so you know it went through.)

#rojava #mutualAid

It feels like time isn't really changing anymore with how long pandemic has been going on.

sorry we can't play cleanup for what is literally a shitty distro that we've been trying to push out of the spotlight for ages for this exact reason

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...also if shit works on other distros and not ubuntu
maybe pay attention to the fact that canonical has been choosing not to engage with the rest of the Linux community for years and that the mass majority of ubuntu specific problems come from the fact they can't keep themselves up to date, even as a company with actual resources, and repeatedly insist on making their own forks of libraries left and right that cause issues outside of ubuntu for no legitimate reason

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I see people complain about Linux foss bros constantly while I literally work in the community and cannot actually remember the last time I saw someone act stuck up about Linux being the future
the dynamic seems skewed here

My pronouns are she/her with the caveat that if you use them in a sentence the entire sentence must be reversed letter-by-letter

New years idea: the special time ball in New York fills the streets of New York with a thick cloud of covid vaccine

I can't believe places like the UK are currently in 2021 but America is STUCK in 2020. How long will it be like this!?

When the boredom of lockdown pushes you into joining a piracy group for DEC mainframe software, that's the 


me: mv source destination

me: oh shit i meant to copy those files not mv. i'll copy them back so they're in both places

me: mv destination source

me: ah shit fuck. i did it again. third time's a charm i guess

me: mv source destination

Urgent uspol: DMCA violations might land you in prison (please boost) 

Yes, DMCA violations may land you in prison for up to a year. They would also be classed as a felony, which among other things would make it so you aren't able to vote.

This modification to the DMCA was silently slipped into a stimulus bill which is being voted on in **two days**.

Here is a video with more information:

Capitalism will eventually reach a point where our governments change the name of every day of the week to monday

And not just fucking late, literal weeks late. I'm not being blamed for this, but fuck that does not even marginally lower my stress regarding this because now I still have to fucking rush things.
I am so sick of rushing things. I am so fucking sick of things not just being ready on time. I am so sick of feeling like shit because I literally cannot remember the last time something I worked on wasn't getting fucking delayed by something.

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I love how now that I've gotten everything my work needs me to do done already, way ahead of schedule, everything will still be fucking late because literally every single entity not immediately under my control dropped the fucking ball

I can support up to 3 partners but only through the use of a GBA link cable

Kill ACPI _OSI strings. Just entirely get rid of them.

My god, I've brought up an issue which intersected with race and gender at least twice this month with different white trans folk and their only response was how it affected gender. Your friends of color want you to engage with your whiteness when they bring it up! It's not a side note, it's literally intertwined with gender and trans issues. Black and brown people do so much hussle for y'all, always hoping you'll get the hint

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To all the folks in Scotland: where does scott live? Who is he

I fucking HATE Jira. It's so fucking bad. It's so god damn shitty. Jesus fucking christ.

From now on I'm setting a timer for every time I have to fucking use Jira, because I'm so sick of this shit and I want to be able to show my employer "hey I wasted fucking hours on this stupid piece of software, how the fuck is that fucking productive"

Moving to cmake?
Stop, hold it. Go try meson. It's very active, supports dozens of different languages, is just fucking nice to use, and is now the primary build system for most projects.
it's so much better then cmake, really

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