For the first time in a while I actually have time to work on something other than RHEL and I'm definitely still trying to switch my gears

I've been re-elected to the board of directors! If you don't already know, this means that will experience three more weeks of winter.

Normal people when given a list of things to do:
*completes item 1*
*completes item 2*
*completes item 3*
ADHD people like me when we get lists of things to do:
*starts item 1*
*starts item 2*
*starts item 5*
*starts item 10*
*completes item 3*

A cis associate gave me the idea of responding to people by using their last names first whenever they call me Paul Lyude and man I really like it tbh

useful zsh trick 

Today I learned about "ctrl+q". This command is known as "parking" and what it does is takes the command you are typing, stashes it elsewhere and clears your command line, then after you execute your next command, retrieves it and fills your prompt.

So for example if I'm typing a git command and realized I need to `git diff` first, I can ctrl+q to "park" the command, type the diff, and then immediately get back to my original parked command

While I'm looking forward to improving my reception and speeds I'm not looking forward to the inevitable new cell service contract I'm going to have to sign once I get vaccinated

To anyone who doesn't agree with Linux breaking KABI all the time, I can tell you from experience that maintaining KABI is incredibly painful and limiting.
Like-imagine if literally any kernel structure that modules could link against couldn't be modified after it went upstream because previously compiled modules would break if you changed it. That's literally what it's like to have to maintain KABI and stop it from breaking.

TDOV, begpost 

hey so uh for TDOV could it be possible for people to ensure i get HRT past this month?? please??
i need money for other things but having hrt is probably the most important to me personally

Since I first picked up guitar and started learning on the guitar my roommates got me for Christmas I've had some folks in the apartment (some of whom play guitar themselves) tell me I've been learning surprisingly quickly and honestly that makes me feel extremely cool

If you're a neko what's up with that? You've already got the tail and the ears, why not get the whole combo meal and just go full anthro? You KNOW that's what you actually want

Love when you need to start working on a project at work but the last three times you worked on it shit hit the fan so now the only thoughts going through your head are how much you don't want to do this and how you feel like you've made the wrong choices staying at your current job but are too worried about things being worse elsewhere that you're also afraid of leaving your current job

the reason i transitioned is because i lost my pokewalker in middle school because my leggings didnt have pockets and i never let it go


Oh you like RMS huh?
Name one thing he's done in the last 20 years. literally one.

FOSS, stinky RMS 

Literally anyone who has actually worked as one of RMS's assistants will back this up by the way, it's not like I'm pulling this out of my ass

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FOSS, stinky RMS 

While no one should be going "well this person is always ok because they contributed things so they can behave however poorly they want" anyway, I seriously cannot emphasize how much RMS has not actually done. Fuck-i hate Linus Torvalds but even he contributes dramatically more then RMS. RMS literally just sticks around and tries to make it look like he's essential

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FOSS, stinky RMS 

Hey I just wanna be really crystal clear here: some people have said to me that we need to look past "RMS's views" and appreciate everything he's done for FOSS.
While that's obviously BS, it's also worth nothing he has made no notable contributions to open source in well over two decades. Literally all he has done is abuse his leadership positions and hold open source back. This isn't me saying he's done things and their worthless, he literally just has not contributed anything.

begpost, need help paying rent, urgent 

Hi! My fiancee and I are both disabled and trans, we currently have a very low income and we're struggling to pay rent and buy food this month. Please, please share this toot and donate if you can. Every little bit helps! Thank you.

If you think a single person pushes free software you clearly have no involvement in free software

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