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Tagging systems which are -any- more complex then simple text tags (and even then, tagging systems using manually set tags need to have very strict rules imposed on said tags) are automatically broken by design and useless.

Looking at you, mojo. Your 10 different kinds of content which can entirely be ignored and modify their liklihood of coming up in search results is why your search feature is ass garbage

I love how Logan airport can seat 40 border patrol officers for processing incoming citizens simultaneously yet the dozens of times I've gone through border control I've never once witnessed more then five border patrol officers working even when there's a huge amount of traffic

never ever ever leave home to go international without a universal outlet to universal outlet converter + a power strip

Important realization: "male" and "female" for cable ends could be replaced with "THE PENETRATOR" and "THE PENETRATED". Just consider it

I literally bruised my arm tonight by doing a "WWE suplex" on a balloon, in a hotel room filled with ~2,000 balloons. This small injury is absolutely worth being able to say that sentence truthfully.

Hey question for furry artists: is anyone aware of a way to get a crease out of a con badge?

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I have to fly to the US every year and always avoid restaurants because having to think about gratuity (tips) ruins the whole experience for me.

Just pay people properly and make tips completely optional. Please. It works everywhere else.

Like seriously, people with rude attitudes like that freak me out because of my anxiety, and now I'm just so used to it even when I'm in a country where they aren't like this but I still have the exact same reactions because I'm conditioned to expect it. I fucking hate it

I /really/ hate how living in America where most service workers are paid minimum wage has conditioned me to be used to said underpaid staff being rude and as such, even nice Swedish hotel staff asking me to take a different route through the hotel nearly gives me a panic attack

NFC still has the coolest fucking hotel I've ever seen

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