Irccloud is still banned, and the huge dip in users happens around the point this happened. Yet there is literally no explanation for the fact the user count jumps right back to 50k. I literally don't think it's possible they have more then 10k real users, and it wouldn't surprise me if there's now 40k bots on freenode

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So I've been watching and I've come to the conclusion the network likely went down to 10K around 10am as a direct result of banning IRC cloud (you can see a momentary dip on the graph of connected users) and then within 15-20 minutes I think stats from Freenode started becoming falsified in order to make it look like the 40k users they just lost suddenly came back

Hey a friend of mine has recently become homeless and struggling. She is disabled and a good friend so pls help her out of you can pls boost too #MutualAidRequest #mutualaid #transaid

It has occurred to me one part of Google+ that might have actually stuck around is the concept of saying +1 to things

Does anyone have any tips for dealing with work burnout when you're still in a situation at work where you can't actually get additional resources to make your job any easier?
I've been feeling like, surges of anxiety whenever I try to engage with work stuff and so far the only thing I've been able to do is try really, really hard to push myself through it

Sometimes I will use words in the English language, but use forms of them that don't actually exist (like "funner" or "intervallically"). I know fully well they don't exist, but if I'm corrected on them I will continue to use them anyway because it's just absurd that they are not actual words.

I don't really get why people seem to think that across the entire population of people who want the police defunded, that we would not have any point in the last few years-decades asked this question. Like, you realize how absolutely silly that would be, right?
Honestly, people need to just assume movements like BLM know what they're talking about by default - because they absolutely know what they're talking about

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To be clear: the question of "if we get rid of the police what do we replace them with" is not a new question, and has already been answered for years now. See: "Are Prisons Obsolete?" by Angela Davis, and/or The End of Policing

Me when I see country flags: I love your flag what sexuality is that?


My partner Des is a 24yo financially independent trans latine who just found out they need urgent periodontal surgery to save their teeth. Their surgery is scheduled for June 25th, and their insurance will only cover $2000 of the $7500+ surgery. They work 50 hours per week while putting themselves through college unassisted, and they cannot afford this surgery alone.

venmo: @/cruelasgold


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Rust's macro system is just nuts as well. Repetition is super powerful, the syntax for using macros is crazy flexible and let's you get really expressive. Traits are awesome too, because it actually gets you the good parts of OOP without doing OOP which is great because honestly OOP kind of blows sometimes. And enums just rule, it's like if unions in C were useful all the time instead of only being useful for bitmasks

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Like everyone talks about memory management in rust and while yes I agree it is super beautiful and I love it, I'll point out for all the C folks who are like "I have tools to help me with this already" that it's so much more then just that. Rust's async support for instance will for the most part actually tell you /during compile-time/ whether the code you wrote is actually safe for async or not. You don't forget to grab mutexes, because your code doesn't compile if you do.

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if you program in C all the time (freedesktop and gnome folks I'm looking at you!!!) and you haven't tried rust yet:
listen my friend. go do it like right now or soon because I cannot emphasize just how absolutely wonderful developing in rust has been for someone like me who has programmed mostly C in the last 6+ years. it is honestly like C but if it were almost perfect, and it's really wild just having entire classes of bugs that almost entirely do not exist

I have seriously never seen such an immediate transition from one IRC network to another as what I've seen so far with freenode and libera.
I went to go park all the channels I'm on on libera and every single one was already parked by fdo folks. As someone who ran an IRC network for years: this is very unheard of

"People get built different. We don't need to understand why, we just need to respect it."
Princess PB from Adventure Time laying down some good stuff woah

I love that after writing this tweet I actually found a real instance (verified by other people's eyes) of gcc thinking something is being used before being initialized that was actually a false positive. Go figure

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Honestly every single time I've ever thought I was smarter then -Wmaybe-uninitialized, it turned out I was definitely not.

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A realization since programming in rust related to C: why on earth is -Wmaybe-uninitialized a warning? That shit should be a compile error you cannot turn off, because your code is probably broken

Like the basic lack of understanding I see for concepts that should be insanely simple, such as "you need to spend money to make money" is just not there. I don't see literally any understanding of any of the technologies this business unit handles, all I see are people making guesses based on marketing data and pretending that you don't actually need to understand your product to sell it.
it's awful, and hilarious, and I hate it!

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It's wild watching a business unit in a company get told "this is a bad idea", proceed to do the bad idea and then get confused when things go wrong and proceed to make exactly the same mistake by ignoring their engineers the next time they ask them for advice

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