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alc in pic, ec, boosts+, I'm cute and trans 

simple summer selfies. it's so GOOD to do makeup again, to have it be something fun I can do for myself! i did this look to match my purple t-shirt, yellow shorts, and bright red glasses! 💚

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This is the new promo post for my Twitch channel:

We got:
Cute makeup (on a cute transfemme)!
Dating sims! (I do the voices!)
Read-alouds! (I do the voices!)
Overwatch! (I like Mystery Heroes)
Maybe some Roguelites! (I like randomness also)

I recently made Affiliate, hooray! I'm still new at streaming, so I'm improving stuff for literally every stream I do. Check it out and see if you like the sound of my resonant-ass voice!

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not convinced that you should follow me? just listen to these testimonials from REAL followers:

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so ??? :
i'm a 31yo femme trans woman; PhD student in popular music and songwriter (music in my profile), sometime comedian, clever person

I like video games (roguelikes, strategy games, Overwatch [yes Bliz is shit], other games), board games, tabletop games (I'm my group's DM) and game mechanics in general.

I esp need more friends who can help me thru gender stuff, but I'm also happy to talk music, games, banter, or abt how wonderful girls are

oh yeah i'm gay!!!

i'm stressed and my minecraft house is getting crowded with chests so it's time for an Expansion


at the stage where it'd probably be good for me to have a good cry, but I'm not there and not sure I wanna try to trigger it


low energy. this week has meant dropping low on the already-weakened reserves

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food, whining 

i kinda just wanna go to bed after this load of laundry but i should at least stay up and have dinner so i can take my pills, but i also don't wanna cook dinner even if it's just like an easy veggie hamburger


some games, you play your ass off and you still can't carry 😅

wtf i just took a selfie without makeup on and was immediately like "oh she just looks like a girl"

i hope those of you who are so inclined are out there slutting it up for me

i need an outlet tonight i think, anyone want me to read something aloud to them

It's time to do the laundry. it's time to Suffer

i dont want to be in my apartment i want to be at the Chrono Trigger Millennium Festival having a picnic and playing carnival games


my partner just called me "Lily May Vers [...] the gayest girl I've ever met", which is fuckin all I want


trying to schedule ten people for a single meeting online is a headache and a fuckin half

i'm just wanna be gay in a very focused and certain manner

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