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So... no facecam, and no long-term testing, but a half-decent microphone, a good voice, and a prayer. I'm set up to stream games on my own, and I can maybe even get Discord audio in there too for multiple players, if my internet holds up?

So if you were interested in seeing (and hearing!) me stream Monster Prom, follow and I'll stream soon!

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oh also, new writing account courtesy of @vyr here:


Follow that if you'd like to stay on top of my writing! <3

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@vyr and I write Confidence Woman, a fantasy-tech serial about queer criminals who take on big heists! We're still writing prologues before the main story: Prologue 1 introduces nonbinary ex-con mage Jade and mysterious blonde bombshell Amaranth, and Prologue 2 (still in progress) adds closeted transfem punk and tech whiz Mayke to the mix. We've got some big updates on the way, so now's a great time to get started! CWs at start of each chapter:

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some of my indie rock music lives at ; if you listen to it and like it, tell me, I wanna know! (it's pretty queer & trans)

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so ??? :
i'm a 31yo femme trans woman; PhD student in popular music and songwriter (music in my profile), sometime comedian, clever person

I like video games (roguelikes, strategy games, Overwatch [yes Bliz is shit], other games), board games, tabletop games (I'm my group's DM) and game mechanics in general.

I esp need more friends who can help me thru gender stuff, but I'm also happy to talk music, games, banter, or abt how wonderful girls are

oh yeah i'm gay!!!


I love it when people enjoy the things I make!!!

who has a link to that short skirt/long jacket rewrite that went around here a while back where each verse posited that the girl cake is singing about is a different kind of terrifying individual

tasteful crotch bulge on a very pretty lady, hypnokink, suggestive lipstick kisses 

food ment 

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food ment 

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When I'm rolling a character, playing a strategy game with important starting choices, choosing heroes in a team video game -- any kind of those interesting set-up choices -- I much prefer if I can somehow randomize my choices in an interesting way. D&D? Random race, random class, random specialization, moves, feats... 4X computer game? How many "Random" options you got?

I think this comes from two basic motivations.

dungeon crawl stone soup is a far better game than nethack and should by all rights be the archetypal classic roguelike. you can never change my mind

Proud to say I am joining the movement. This will bring me one step closer to proper dental hygiene

take a bite out of my ego and explode from the flavour

hmm. is anyone else gay on this webbed site.

selfies, ec, boosts++ 

alc, AMA 

if you think you can stand against me at this point, fuckin challenge me to a duel already coward

reminder that i am very cute and very gay

alc, AMA 

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