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Like queer sexy criminals? Of course you do. Check out the prologue to Confidence Woman, a collaborative project coming from me and @vyr - this bit's mostly mine in writing, but Vyr shares conception and editing credit, as well as technical duties, of course.

Cw: implied sex, violence, homophobic slur

Check it at its fancy new home here:

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selfie, ec, boosts ok! 

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some of my indie rock music lives at ; if you listen to it and like it, tell me, I wanna know! (it's pretty queer & trans)

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so ??? :
i'm a 31yo femme trans woman; PhD student in popular music and songwriter (music in my profile), sometime comedian, clever person

I like video games (roguelikes, strategy games, Overwatch [yes Bliz is shit], other games), board games, tabletop games (I'm my group's DM) and game mechanics in general.

I esp need more friends who can help me thru gender stuff, but I'm also happy to talk music, games, banter, or abt how wonderful girls are

oh yeah i'm gay!!!

Performer, video producer, and "bureaucratic wunderkind"[40] Brian David Gilbert of the video game website Polygon cited Gesamtkunstwerk as an inspiration in foundational technique in his rendition of the PokéRAP.[41][42]

oh my god

bugs, minor - 

spent today doing an online meeting and preparing my own birthday celebration. not bad IMO

would it be gauche to post my birthday wishlist here on fedi

food, illegal 

where does a glampunk trans girl buy thigh-highs these days

feeling a bit dreary suddenly, so put on some eyeliner, lipstick, and some fun glasses

no selfies bc i'm still not presentable to the world (didn't bother with foundation), but hell yeah, this is nice

as a lyricist, "Radioactive" is good lyric writing
"I'm waking up to ash and dust
I wipe my brow and I sweat my rust
I'm breathing in the chemicals"
Evocative yet simply phrased, no pretentious words, and already creating a much more interesting lexicon and subject matter than most entire pop songs.

I'm not saying it's revolutionary (I suppose), but I *am* saying it has standards and I respect that

(probable answer: they're all alt accounts for people who are already following me)

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absolutely wild to me that people will follow me and I look at their bios and they're following like a dozen people. what makes me your first. is it my eyes

@mint sry to bother you but every time i see the screenname "Tifa Mint" it makes me , whom has a FFVII tattoo, very happy

(if this gets more than like 5 boosts I'll delete it because at that point the joke is over)

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love rephrasing someone else's joke for clout in a new post

hey if you're playing FF7 tonight: 

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