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alc in pic, ec, boosts+, I'm cute and trans 

simple summer selfies. it's so GOOD to do makeup again, to have it be something fun I can do for myself! i did this look to match my purple t-shirt, yellow shorts, and bright red glasses! 💚

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This is the new promo post for my Twitch channel:

We got:
Cute makeup (on a cute transfemme)!
Dating sims! (I do the voices!)
Read-alouds! (I do the voices!)
Overwatch! (I like Mystery Heroes)
Maybe some Roguelites! (I like randomness also)

I recently made Affiliate, hooray! I'm still new at streaming, so I'm improving stuff for literally every stream I do. Check it out and see if you like the sound of my resonant-ass voice!

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not convinced that you should follow me? just listen to these testimonials from REAL followers:

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so ??? :
i'm a 31yo femme trans woman; PhD student in popular music and songwriter (music in my profile), sometime comedian, clever person

I like video games (roguelikes, strategy games, Overwatch [yes Bliz is shit], other games), board games, tabletop games (I'm my group's DM) and game mechanics in general.

I esp need more friends who can help me thru gender stuff, but I'm also happy to talk music, games, banter, or abt how wonderful girls are

oh yeah i'm gay!!!

heart still heavy, probably need more sleep. drink water and video games for a bit. maybe eyeliner in thirty minutes if I feel sufficiently rejuvenated. would read aloud but no audience, partner is not yet awake (good, let her sleep), and reading to myself is a lesser substitute for when i am occupied doing simple things that take less attention

i am Wrought, I think. not overwrought yet but i could get there you know

on transition, in general: 

still can't believe i'm doing this

there are a good few reasons i'm not at pride: tired (physically and emotionally), crowds too big (COVID), crowds too big (don't like crowds), would prob make me miss my partner more

but i suddenly want that sense of community

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whining, food ment 

why do parents on Facebook always assume that everyone wants to see the face of their little one covered in some sort of food mush

thank god for masto cws is all i can say

i'm gay and finally at home and I can look at least a LITTLE less masc

socializing is fine but if you can't yell at least a LITTLE bit about how queer you are then it feels kinda pointless imo

how to destroy a trans girl in 3 easy steps

1. tell her "u cute"

being out will be nice

someone masc presenting in a rainbow paisley top is looking at a video that just showed someone waving a rainbow flag and it strikes me how much safer and happier i feel seeing that

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ngl seeing the unexpected wave of people coming back from pride shit draped in flags while on the subway today has been a really nice boost

also technically i have a planned dinner with my roommates tonight to strategize coming out to my neighbours and landlady but that's a shared stressor and a stress reducer. i just have to show up with my ideas at this point

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the medal may or may not actually be vodka

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anyway I'm giving myself a medal for achievement for getting through the past week

what if Helen of Troy looked like Pretty good, but mostly just had extremely powerful domme energy. makes u think

I'm gay and I'm the life of the garden party

coming out to this church should be easy bc they all love me

just over a month left

If you truly care for me
Build a house for me in your memory
For love earns a story

the Vengabus is coming. it is always coming.

some say that if it is always coming, it follows that it never arrives; and what use is a revolution, they say, always on the horizon?

these people do not know the nature of Venga. more foolishly, they forget the nature of buses, which are indeed always coming -- and always arriving, departing, picking up passengers and dropping them off. a Venga*bus* implies a cycle, constant movement... and choice for its passengers.

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