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This is the new promo post for my Twitch channel:

We got:
Cute makeup (on a cute transfemme)!
Dating sims! (I do the voices!)
Read-alouds! (I do the voices!)
Overwatch! (I like Mystery Heroes)
Maybe some Roguelites! (I like randomness also)

I recently made Affiliate, hooray! I'm still new at streaming, so I'm improving stuff for literally every stream I do. Check it out and see if you like the sound of my resonant-ass voice!

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not convinced that you should follow me? just listen to these testimonials from REAL followers:

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selfies, ec, boosts++ 

Sometimes, selfies are hard, and sometimes you take 6 in 30 seconds and 4 of them are good β€οΈπŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ Proud of this makeup too, there are three different lipsticks in this teal look!

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so ??? :
i'm a 31yo femme trans woman; PhD student in popular music and songwriter (music in my profile), sometime comedian, clever person

I like video games (roguelikes, strategy games, Overwatch [yes Bliz is shit], other games), board games, tabletop games (I'm my group's DM) and game mechanics in general.

I esp need more friends who can help me thru gender stuff, but I'm also happy to talk music, games, banter, or abt how wonderful girls are

oh yeah i'm gay!!!

I'm just a great lesbian. i love myself, all my great qualities and skills. my name is great and my kisses are too. I'm funny and caring, thoughtful and clever and kind. i love words and i think they love me back. there is a lot i have to work on, but those tasks often aren't about me, they're about the sometimes harsh world around me. I'm just wonderful and I deserve good things to happen to me.

like this bed. and the sleep I'm about to have.

goodnight fedi πŸ’š

hmm. that post would belong on the kink alt, if I had one. i shan't make it

timeline slow, best get ready for my lesbian love (my bed)

("she" is not the only valid pronoun here, i just wanted to pick the most common one)

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I'm not gonna name any names but SOME of you pull off the natural look, and I need you to know that I'm always internally begrudging about it. like "ugh i *guess* she's definitely hot, and also cute, how dare she"

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i don't get some people's obsession with "natural beauty" or "the natural look". The natural look was always boring, put green and blue on my face and make it unsubtle. i wanna look like a downtown block's worth of neon lights, except way more fuckable

hum hm hum, gonna carry this compliment to bed in a little cloth bag, and tuck it under my pillow

my avatar is a drawing of me because I'm pretty. this is always great to remember

You're whoever your avatar is, "I'm ironically using a picture of a creepy guy from a movie" congratulations, you're that guy now


"queering" something is when a queer person dumps a garbage can onto it and screams

it was on the whole a positive experience but like, yes. this is extremely expected. i sit at my computer like a lot

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got a massage for the first time, experienced the ritual hazing of "wow, the muscles in your whole body are tight"

RIGHT I have a middle name ☺️ πŸ’š :trans_heart:

reading aloud, Discworld, Thud! spoilers 

today might be my crowning achievement

we read the climax of Thud! today. note that we have ALREADY read this book, so my partner is not surprised by any of the plot twists

and I *still* made her cry with my depiction of Sybil Vimes not quite holding it together over Sam not returning

we both had to stop and have a little cry

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