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Me: a leftie, feminist, bi, enby, made in the 70s, chronic illness haver, love & have dogs, terrible sense of humour, trying to spend my various privileges. Would like to be more of an activist but disability hampers that.

I love making stuff! Drawing! Building! Sewing! Sculpture! 🦄

Here because other social media platforms are traaaaash 🚮

Feel free to say hello ✨💜✨

general PSA 

"Don't talk to cops" is not a bumper sticker to apply when convenient. It's a literal life practice gearing towards abolition of a violent, unaccountable, ineffective system of authoritarian oppression.

Co-op question, for people who are in one or have been in one that works:

I've seen a couple that want to have core values but also seem to want to include literally anybody.

How does this work, exactly? I'm coming from experience as one of the ppl weeded out by "include everyone, even assholes" norms, since they result in ONLY including assholes and those unimpacted AND indifferent to assholes (AKA more assholes).

So how do co-ops have standards? Genuine question.

The 5th Wave livetooting, spoilers 

The 5th Wave livetooting, spoilers 

The 5th Wave livetooting, spoilers 

The 5th Wave livetooting, spoilers 

The 5th Wave livetooting, spoilers 

The 5th Wave livetooting, spoilers 

hot take 

Had a dream last night that ostriches had two heads like a doduo, but when I went to wikipedia and started reading the article I was surprised to read that they had *no* head. Then it said that since the two "heads" don't house the brain, technically they're more like eye stalks with mouths

I thought I'd share this interesting fact with all of y'all even though it's 100% false

my most pressing question for today:

has Giovanni Ribisi stopped being a Scientologist yet

@eloisa I'm one of the administrator of the Nonbinary Wiki! I enjoy working on the project (together with the other editors), and I even enjoy more when people come and tell me that they find our content useful! Link:

What's your project? :)

To be 100% honest though, I think the fact that solarpunk has no great thinker or great work, that it's defined by its popular usage and therefore by the will of its followers, that no one can open up a book and say "Actually, George W. Solarpunk said on page 32 of the Solarpunk Manifesto that x *isn't* solarpunk, so you're wrong," makes it in a way even more antiauthoritarian than the other antiauthoritarian movements that have come before it. It's fluid, horizontal, democratic, and it's the kind of movement that could only ever form on the internet

I think that's a major strength

"You have to create your own space which has a lot of silence in it and a lot of books."

— Susan Sontag, from an interview conducted October 1979

ok i got my monthly poor taste joke out of the way time to Log Off

me: *frowning distastfully* oh that's fully cis

other ppl: what..? fully sick? like 'good'?

me: haha.. that's cute you'd think that. but no.

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