Trans exclamation 

Art Bar in MKE is having the annual holiday "Tiny Art Tiny Price " art show.

Gobs of local and regional artists fill the juried show for November and December. All works are small and no more than $20...

I saw this one and thought of masto...

Fishing history 

Alexa enabled faucet 

I am a solid gold trans.

I'm made of fucking solid gold.

haha Master Boot Record is heavy metal synth, chip tune face melting goodness...

I have no trans trans friend...

I've been on my own from the what I can, writing and supporting trans folk

But it's all gone now.

I am living what we fought against.


Social media cannot be trusted in any form because the few evil humans have too much power now.

The discord cis people have for trans athletes spills over into lifetime sports...

I ski. I sail.

I am trans.

So as a result I do not just ski sail anywhere.

I have to research the town and resort and the travel. In general I have had few problems but only because I am cautious.

Villifying trans elite athletes effects all trans peoples' ability to live rich and vibrant sporting lives.

match game 

uspol senate impeachment trial 

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