I know what Dark Matter is.

Dark Matter is the mass of other dimensions of time occuring in the same space.

Proof is found when you multiply the mass of the electron by the number of photons counted in a period of observation. This should account for the short fall in critical mass, predicating the need for dark matter.

Find exactly where the electron is and you will find "dark matter" and the universe will make sense again.

Day three in hospital with the Lamb. He is getting more mobile. He had a knee replaced. Now he is my cyborg.

They gave him a walker. I named it Scott. Meet Scott.

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I remember a time before the Great Crumbling when trans girls were hornt and lewds were freely shared.

It seems so innocent compared to the era of shitposting in which we now live.

We should have paid more attention to us pol, Brexit and the Kardashians.

OMG...great band name...

Brexit and the Kardashians.

We will look back at this period as the Time of Great Crumbling...

This all sucks...so bad...

I painted a giant target on my back

I hate this job.

Because of shitty bro dude shit for brain asshole pricks...

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Wisconsin accent:

We went over there.


We goah OHvure darr

OMG this elder woman at the hospital is refilling hand sanitizer bottles from a giant bottle...the endless pumping sound is super annoying...

And these two old Wisconsin dudes are talking about deer hunting.

I am pulling my hair out.

My passwords require pressing cuneiform into soft clay tablets then 3d scanning the result

Two factor involves a colon contour trace on a random stranger.

Stuff I don't use anymore:

8-track tapes
Boom Boxes
Rotary Dialing
Touch Tone
Cassette Tapes
Syquest Drive
Zip Drive
Novation Launchpad
Fostex Digital Multi-track Recorder
MOTU 828
Floppy Disks
Olympus dye sub photo printer
Kodachrome 64
GraLab Timer
Computer Modems
XBox 360

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