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Me: trans woman sailor, skipper, owner.

Where: Milwaukee Bay, MKE, WI,

You: near MKE summer 2021, queer want a safe place to challenge yourself, have fun and be part of a team.

What: Dragonfly, Pearson Flyer. 4-6 crew for Friday night series and Sat. practice sailing.

LEARN, sail racing, teamwork, HAVE fun, adventure!

No shouting, no crazy risk taking.

Lose the jerks, let's race them.

DM me.

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I published this book five years ago. It is still as wildly unread as it was then.

Trans girl skier...loses lover in avalanche while backcountry skiing. She drifts through the mountain west alone seeking redemption and her path forward without her lover and fiercest ally.

I recommend the paperback. It is a nice book I authored, designed and typeset myself.

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No pride fest this year in MKE....Lamb and I have not been to any queer bars in forever it queer gay enby trans femme is dying inside me...the light is dying....but maybe if enbies and trans everywhere right now say "I believe!" you can keep my light shining...and help me sweep the covid dread off me...


so I was bra shopping today....because I know my nipples are not yet free in society....

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as an enby I tend to tell myself it would be fun to be more girly as spring hits and summer approaches...

Trans woman bra post 

Give VS online another look...they have sizes now that actually fit some later transitioning trans women...38 D, 40 B, C, 42 C and XL. I recommend the demi cups if you are less than three years into hrt...not long ago you could not find a bra there over 38 band size that wasn't a DD....

I know they have had some trans issues but someone is there is on our side...

Vinyl porn trans - sfw 

I would listen to this back in 1969 one of my favorite albums when I was kid. I found this copy several years ago. It's in quite good shape. Plays well....

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music - a shift in consumption 

Good news for musicians...if you are ready for the flood...

Top Recording skill - make it sound good as simple as possible at the highest quality possible

Master it...

Release MQA tracks and Vinyl

skip MP3 and CDs

Sell unique FLACs on thumb drives at shows and as downloads online on your own.

Own your skill and talent...don't give it away.

Get paid for every aspect of your music, live, recorded formal, informal, under contract not under contract.

Food - blasphemy or history? 

In keeping with Roman ingenuity I made some Ancient Roman street food....popular on Sunday crusifixtion day...

Headline of the week 

Man goes to store, 15,000 Bees move into in his car.

uspol - GOP pure evil 

We all know you can PAY to scrub the internet of "bad paper".

Right now, make sure all conservative wiki pages are linking the Tea Party and MAGA.


Many conservative info pages that appear on Wikipedia are scrubbing facts to make current Republicans look like they were not affiliated with the Tea Party or subsequent MAGA movement.

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