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When are the hets going to stop forcing their shit on us?

I am going to look for a new inflatable unicorn for this summer.

I have reached the limits of Spotifiy's predictive A.I.

My discover weekly is playing music I have already heard.

I am looking for the internet, does anyone know where it is?

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Sweet after a few sales, A Purse of Stones is #13 in Hot New Young Adult LGBT Fiction...

Kindle edition.

It only takes a few it's not a major thing. Sounds impressive though...

If you catch me in person I usually have a box of books in my car...those I sell at a discount. I have given away more than I have sold, I think....such is trans fiction.

Considering a table at Pride Fest in MKE this year...

The complexities of the relationship between Roy and Gid touch on many of my own experiences growing up in the same area in the same era.

The Slaughter Rule - 2003 Ryan Gosling and David Morse viewable free from snag films has aged well. A young Gosling shows early his ability to engage audiences and David Morse, a familiar face to movie fans, delivered a complex and layered performance.

The film is about a young man rejecting the toxic masculinity and pervasive homophobia of the northern prairie landscape. The young football player (Gosling) tries to maintain a friendship with a older man who does not accept his own desires.

I realized the Disney FOX deal was more about isolating Fox Sports and Fox News. They are very vulnerable now.

Time linear air and cable channel broadcasting supported by ads is almost dead. People will pay to watch ad free (proven) and will pay premium for live sport.

Already rumors are circulating ABC may pursue Fox's Sunday NFL lineups.

We have months because back in the day most people didn't have a concept of numbers higher than 30 or so.

This bubble wrap I found at work is bullshit. You can't pop it. The cells are all interlinked within cells interlinked...

Why don't you say that three times...

Given the tenuous nature of my employment I have decided to publish eBook editions of my current titles.

I was angry at Amazon for sometime. But they beat me and took my lunch. So I am forced to "like" them again. They took over the company that was doing print on demand that I used so now I am stuck.

With a new novel in progress and slated for publishing in the fall I need to start focusing on book marketing again as my only hope for retirement income.

I need an agent...

The lamb found these tucked away in a little notch below the bar we were cocktailing at.

Milwaukee....always weird.

I'll just leave this here...and say fuck the guardian again...

fuck the guardian...

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