Holy fuck. The first episode of Black Mirror Season 5 is a amazing trans poly awesomeness and it's also heartwarming and heartbreaking.

I am pretty sure most people think I am a trans man...even other trans people...

this binary gender stuff is so confusing....lets just call the whole thing off....so done.

I don't know why it took so long to hit but Muna and "I Know a Place" hit me...I've heard it before many times, but today, on the way to work it put me in tears.

Driving to work bawling and singing along.

I'm an emotional wreck now.

I go through my weeks with zero RL contact with other trans folk...I feel like I live on an island...but without the nice beaches.

We all hide ourselves in plain sight so well we can't even reach out to each other.

A solar panel asks a wind turbine, "What kind of music do you like?" Show more

bit hung over...day in sun with lamb and my pal tiny miss K. we drank beer, champagne, tried to sail earlier but found some rigging deficiencies i need to correct. mainsail handling issues. the autopilot is malfunctioning....but we hung out at the dock and partied and officially renamed the boat in an impromptu ceremony. Then ate dinner....Kori and I fell asleep watching Aquaman.

me: What is the weather today?
lamb: its gonna be in the 70’s today.
me: Ooo good I can wear my bell
lamb: *

I think the word "boot" should be declared the word of the 20th century. I mean this one word for footwear that rose above the ankle has morphed into a word that represents the process of readying a computer for use.

Somewhere in midcentury it became associated with computer technology and by the end of the century it became so universally known, children simply learn its meaning as part of early language development.

So my lovely X220 ThinkPad seems to have a chronic issue not booting after shutdown and lid closure. After a few hours it won't start. The power light flashes and nothing. No Post. To bring it back to life I have to remove the battery, shake and rotate the computer (drain the caps via sensors?) Press power button repeatedly and hold while battery out. Once that is done, I put the battery only back in and hit the powerbutton and it boots. I find it is a flawed MB. crap.

Two guys, both named Nick were trying to figure out one of those desk puzzles. I look over at them and said, "You Nicks, I know this."

I am in a different shittier building now and it doesn't have a unisex bathroom.

Guess I will just hike up the skirt and pee with the boys.

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