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Food - mini buscuit baking 

Lamb and I are hosting his "surprise - not surprising" birthday week brunch.

We have several friends coming and putting out a spread of small plate items, bloodies, mimosa, beer...

I am baking mini-biscuits one spicy the other traditional southern biscuit...I'll snap some pix of the process.

Lamb is a former sous chef and our pal is a rising resturantuer...

So Sunday funday is on. πŸ˜πŸ˜€

Selfie ec 



I swear i didn't arrange this on purpose. They line up to stare at me when they're hungry

New community designation:

Not LGBT its


Was out last night early and one of the gay bars has a 18+ drag show dance party and there were trans girls with friends in tow, all super cute and chill...

Trans people will save the LGBT bar scene.

My work is almost complete.

What all this means is there will be fewer tech experts and more "fast food" providing of IT services all while increasing self-inflicted outages that no one will know why they occurred because AI did it. And nobody will have time to care because all the storage and CPU demands will be taken up by constant security scanning and auditing software.

Decisions about tech will be made by non-technical leadership, guided by greedy vendors selling FUD.

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