whatever it will be it will be minimal and it will be gooey...

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Rebuilding my electronic kit. Quick test with the computer speakers...gotta get my electribe back from my daughter for the beats might skip the complexity of the best step and use the electribe to sequence the Euro...don't know yet...

Once you start cleaning a really dirty keyboard you realize how dirty it was and you can't stop until it is perfect...the iMac wireless keyboard was globbed with food and air grease yuck...few spots left I gotta use a tooth pick and cloth...but first pass looks much better.

Quarantine Pickup Lines #19 

Quarantine Pickup Lines #31 

Quarantine Pickup Lines - #22 

Another reason why unregulated capitalism is unsustainable...

The same bullshit that collapsed mortgage backed securities is still with us. All the Fed did was give gobs of money to the "too big to fail" banks but did not fundamentally change how banks gamble with people's home.

As a result when a real crisis occurs the banksters moan they need to keep making money else all will collapse. So many investment vehicles are still based on any single mortgage.


gay fun with headlines 

Quarantine with the Lamb #2 

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Quarantine with the Lamb #2 

There is a reason why the Snidely Whiplash banker villian exists in American folklore.

Because he was real.

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Capitalism is not equipped or engineered to handle a pandemic.

Capitalism is a piece meal shit show.

Hate on the socialism that will feed millions of Americans in the coming months...despite the capitalist Snidely Whiplashes still trying to tie Nell to the tracks so she signs over the farm.

Help Your LGBTQ Friends - U.S. Stimulus 

girlfriends AND boyfriends AND enbyfriends

any combination


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