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Greek Mythology with the lamb 

Sassie - America's Drag Dog 

Social distance is built into single hand sailing...

A celebration of selfish excess and privilege by a white trans elder tech worker...survivor...

You can't see my middle finger but it is waving at the world.

Fuck it...covid is going to wreck every human social and cultural thing.

We find the right wing's rugged individualism was just a crowded bar full of drunk idiots and the left's hope was just that, hope.

My last task in this life is to stay the fuck away from people. I can do that.

Tired - artificial intelligence
Inspired - organic inspiration
Wired - random brilliance

Exposed the holding tank for the peepee.

Wanted to see how big it was and how full it was getting...definately a replacement tank is in place. Original holding tanks were fibreglass and developed leaks. A nice big v shaped one is in here. Looks to be about 45 gallons or so....they used foam to hold it all in place. Looks messy but works well ..getting a pump out later today. Boats and RVs have many similarities...

The dishwasher notified me that it had completed a cycle.

Zen and the art of old sailboat maintenance.

I spent about 6 hours on Saturday morning clearing out the lazarette and disassembling the compartments to gain access to remove and replace a water heater. I spent much of the time on my knees in that small space...and I am kind a chubby girl.

but I was successful and hot water did flow once again.

If apple deeply discounts Mac books and MacBook air, I know what will be my next Ubuntu laptop...

My dawdar is moving away and she was hanging out with the lamb and is pic to good to not share.

I have reached peak tech capitalism...I just updated the firmware on the wifi connected dishwasher using a phone app...

it sent me a notification the cycle will take 2 hrs 37 minutes and asked me if I wanted share that...

punk band name 

Watching Love, Victor on Hulu with the Lamb...having some feels. Wishing there was dancing still. Gay life without congregating together and being fabulously queer is like being thrown back into the closet.

So where along the way a NDA - went from protecting intellectual property and ideas to a vehicle to hide the truth.

More marine plumbing...water is flowing to faucets now...found and in clogged some lines and am now filling and flush the fresh water tank and water heater is the last things to tackle. (And installing a water filter) I also need to make a thought hull hole for a bilge pump discharge and run a hose to the pump. Nice thing is the existing waters lines remain pressurized.

I should also mention being trans, sailing, gives me the opportunity to escape the terrestrial garbage I can no longer cope with.

I have given up trying to be part of society, or be helpful, providing my skill to others to claim as their own is no longer a game I want to play.

I'm done.

Thankfully covid has given me a legitimate excuse to stick my finger up and say get your fucking coughing spit face away...back the fuck up. GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME, YOU VIRAL LOAD.


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Two years into a 41 year old sailboat I bought for super cheap...I find small things like a screw hole in the teak and start to try to understand why someone was screwing something there.

I get mad...then curious, then calm. After telling myself this boat is almost as old as I am and would have ended up cut up in a land fill had I not rescued it. It is a good old boat. I am pretty much living in it. I sleep, work, eat, is a lot of work though...but I feel connected to the planet.

I have been marine potty trained...after being bamboozled by product deprecation engineers I ended up with a 100% new marine head and a spare pump. Because why make parts available? The great American manufacturing edict. Buy new rather than allow consumer to replace a cheap part. Fuckers. If you are a product engineer....fuck you.

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