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WARNING: this account may display catlike tendencies and/or self-indulgent cloudy pard obsession. I'm Merry, a hobby homesteader, mushroom enthusiast, pagan, and farmcollie breeder living in the Pacific NW. I'm genderambivilant, pan, and demisexual, married to @cassi and in a lovely poly tangle with @Floe and his anchor, R. Poke at the configuration here, it jiggles!

I'm terrible at reminders but YAH last call, I'm over at @5quidhugs now~

Sooo during the downtime yesterday, I hollowed out a nest on Meemu. I might migrate there? It's warm and half my friends list is already on that instance. @5quidhugs :3


missing my partners today, I need cuddles from something not-a-dog

parental shitpost 

ok FINE it's kinda nice that all the kids are home tonight

and that Nat didn't just run away from home when I told him I was gonna ship him off to his dad in April

blahh this portion of 2019 can crawl up a wall of dicks

Whoops today has been cancelled by crippling crampage, better luck next time

gender reveal party. I'm not having a child, the party is to reveal a new gender I've invented. An orange banner unfurls with the title of the gender printed in comic sans: "Chrinchie"

weh I wanted to art but discovered my colored pencils have all but disappeared in the years since I last used them Y_Y

best this-sucks workout song ever shut UP 

Close second: Flagellant's Song

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best this-sucks workout song ever shut UP 


If there's a dinner better than wine, cheese, beet sauerkraut and a hot bath, I have yet to meet it

Kind of realizing how healing this east coast trip I just took was, holy shit. There was some stuff that got knocked off-kilter by the first one and having Ash along this time set so much of it back true for me.


No patients for an hour and someone brought in an industrial-sized bag of Red Vines, RIP me

Missing the comfy polycule house and metamours and dogs and ever-present fire and making dinners for the family and hijacking the alexa to play COUNTry rOaD

blog post, TMI 

I post about farts and lewds ALL THE TIME why is this so hard to write about hahaha

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I'm doing that thing where I'm writing about what demisexuality means to me and it just got honest enough that I'm uncomfortable and closed the text window LOL

Whoops I failed the last leg of public transit, coworker's comin to save me in her hamster car

Also wow my phone corrected coworker to coroner, wut


Took off flickin Ash's bean like our lives depended on it. Can't say she came as we banked over the lights of Boston, but it's a good thing planes are loud

Food (+++) 

Oh my goddddd Japanese cream puffs put them all in my MOUTH

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