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I like listening not so much speaking, other people's stories are more entertaining than mine.
I have peculiar interests that generally nobody likes: Opera, patriarchy deconstruction, trans rights, LGBTQ+ issues, society and politics secularization, cultural differences, nudism, body positivity, mental health, art and architecture, diversity, sustainability, appliances. ..
I speak a poor Italian and a poor English.
I live in Ireland and this changed me in way I didn't anticipate

Stop calling it an “Adam’s apple”. It’s called a ‘larynx’ and everybody has one - just people with more testosterone and less estrogen during puberty tend to have a more visually pronounced larynx. It just perpetuates religious nonsense (Adam ate the apple causing humans to learn shame) and literal untruth (everyone has a larynx).

What exactly has Meta that Second Life didn't have?
Why they thought it would work when the Second Life project failed?

gender pro-tip 

please wash your gender with soap and warm water before and after each use

Also a good reminder that good researchers might not be good at communicating their ideas.

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There are words used in the English language that do not have an exact translation into Italian, some extremely common. Probably because the cultural approach to that specific concepts is different.
Among these the most interesting are: hangover, dating, fiancé.
For Italy, a county that invented wine and considered to be the country of lovers, it says a lot

weird how "back to normal" is just the pandemic continuing with 2 more pandemics added

It was a better time when people weren't allowed to use white spaces or dots in a file name

Respecting someone's gender or pronouns isn't conditional on whether you like them or whether they have bad morals

In election time, the average person evaluates and chooses who promises more or less taxes, or who cares about a certain territorial area or their work.
All LGBTQ+ people and all other minorities do is evaluate who will insult us less, who will dehumanize us less, who will applaud less at violence against us.
If average people realized more that minorities are their children, siblings, colleagues, friends ... There would be another result.

Whenever you meet a femme man show respect.
Whatever you think about him isn't important: he survived a life of bullying in a toxic society.
Do not ever use the fact he is femme to add damage to his life.

you wanna know how I know that christian homophobia is just bigotry and not biblical scholarship? because none of those hateful guys are scared to death of going to hell for being rich

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