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twinkle twinkle little star, why is drawing an eye so fucking hard

[Cw: Selfie / Eyes contact]

Plage 🏖️☀️

J'vais pas vous mentir je vie ma meilleur vie ❤️

pure and kinky is definitely a valid combo

ok this is lewd now and really, really fucking gross 

@souvlaki @CornishRepublicanArmy @nutt @RedFuture @Deiru love how this thread has been slowly evolving, keep it up everyone

safewords, bdsm book 

Finally finished writing a draft for the chapter about safewords (and silent codes) for the

Took 6 whole pages of my notebook, and it still needs polishing though

Cleric: “I’m going to pound on the door and yell ‘POPEYE’S CHICKEN DELIVERY’!”

DM: “…oooohkay, everyone roll initiative.” #DnDNight

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“He’s standing in my spot!”

“There’s plenty of murder for everyone, jeez.” #DnDNight

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David Tennant's mortal enemy, David Landlord,

education, need help, learning resources 

So uh, I'm in need of good teaching books about rope play / shibari, covering safety, techniques, and pretty much everything around that.
Do you know any?


kinda wild how the entire world could end because of a single mistake or one person's misjudgment. it's absolutely insane that a single person, a single accident, could cause millions to be dead moments later. it's completely batshit how we just live in this world and shrug and say "eh, yeah the world COULD end because of an electrical malfunction or some other mundane sort of error, but it hasn't yet so what do I care"

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