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Welp, today marks the day I deleted my account.

Been a mod for a while on it, but I ultimately dropped activity after being increasingly tired of seeing it *filled* with marketing and aggressive advertisement bullshit for which the other mods and comms managers seemed pretty comfortable with.

It's become an empty platform, filled with nothing but "buy buy buy".
No more actually interesting complex tech articles.

I'm out of there.

Pinned toot "LGBT", "Political protests", yeah no, the only politics at play here are people who want to stomp on other people's right to exist and love.

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twinkle twinkle little star, why is drawing an eye so fucking hard

problem with lifting weights is your body wants to consoom calories to keep you a fatass so you're sitting there like :blobcathungry:

d/s, thoughts 

To help each other grow, step by step, with full trust and openness.
No fear to have when we're together.
I chose to follow you because I think you're worth it, and I'm gonna spend my life doing my best to help you see yourself this way too.


blue went red blue went red blue went red~~~

Pansements post-op, aiguilles, binders, soutifs : on donne ! 

Nous avons reçu des dons de matériel médical et binders, que nous souhaitons redistribuer à ciels qui en auraient besoin. Pour les binders, priorité aux mineur-e-s et personnes très précaires, merci :)

Voici donc ce qu'on a en stock :

1- des pansements post-mammec (pour double incision) de deux types différents

2- du cerederm (pansements auto-adhésifs siliconés)

3- d'autres pansements siliconés de grande taille

- des aiguilles pour injection sous-cutanée : bleues (0.6x25mm) et oranges (0.5x16mm)

Péremption entre 2022 et 2024 pour les pansements, 2024 et 2025 pour les aiguilles.

Finally finished working on GitMgr, will try to deploy it on my prod server now.

Once this is out of the way, setting up automated backups, then starting to develop my own CI software! :blobcat:

The weirdest part is that the weird bug that inserted a rogue `<` in the page if two lines were right after the other without a blank line is also gone.

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For some fucking weird reason, this TCP early-close bug only appears if my git branch has a certain name.

Staying on the main branch, with the same exact patches, works fine.


aaaah how do I love overtly sexist course material in tech-related uni.

OK, since I'm a huge dumbass, I didn't do the very stupid test of "what exactly happens on the HTTP level when the generated HTML template is cut".

And, without any surprise, well... The connection's been closed by force at the same exact response size every time.

Which means that the template system isn't faulty. But I'm having a broken code somewhere that forcibly closes the requests.

selfie but no eye contact 

I had this picture on my computer and I really like it despite the low quality of the webcam

I love how unreliable golang's HTML template library is.

Oh sure, we're in the middle of a link that has literally been rendered fine in the 15 previous entries. Let's randomly break here without any error and not generate anything more.

Impossible to combine multiple tcp listeners together in go... Damn.

Welp, I guess my systemd support will only take the first found listener

Remembering the time back in 2012 when I took a day off work and found a fox sleeping in the garden

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