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Welp, today marks the day I deleted my account.

Been a mod for a while on it, but I ultimately dropped activity after being increasingly tired of seeing it *filled* with marketing and aggressive advertisement bullshit for which the other mods and comms managers seemed pretty comfortable with.

It's become an empty platform, filled with nothing but "buy buy buy".
No more actually interesting complex tech articles.

I'm out of there.

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@stolas "LGBT", "Political protests", yeah no, the only politics at play here are people who want to stomp on other people's right to exist and love.

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twinkle twinkle little star, why is drawing an eye so fucking hard


I think

Still got dnssec+wireguard config to check but it's minor requirement and will be done later.

Before anything else, the backup and restore playbooks should be done.

Gonna work on backup / restore playbooks soon, then on a few tools on top of git.

One of them being a hook to automatically update the README.html file on push

One of them being a tool to automatically create bare projects

One of them to automatically update project mirrorring.

to be fair I don't really care cuz it's just a random UI for my git projects so I can make it a bit easier for others to see, but it'd be cool if everything was working right, yknow.

I guess with the next debian overhaul, this would come up to date..

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Gitweb not able to change the main ref...

Which means that since I use main, and it expects a master branch, it'll always 404 when going through the global tree link

Finally got around making webgit work.

Wow what a fkin wild ride.

Gonna document this hell, probably gonna put it on my blog too, for prosperity.

to be fair at this point I'm thinking about just slapping nginx behind caddy in front of gitweb to make things work.

Oh yeah and if the folks managing the caddy forums could fix their broken servers that'd be pretty cool ngl

Gitweb behind caddy returning 403 Forbidden

OK then, could I get a bit of log on why it's denied?

caddy logs: "error"

Oh yeah thanks really useful

Someone's gonna have to explain to me why providing a remote user in the ansible-playbook CLI doesn't override the "default" remote_user set in the hosts inventory.

You know, the whole fucking point of using command-line parameters is to overload default configurations.

How do I love when a system tool's documentation points to broken links (ansible user module's "how to handle passwords" page points to a 404).

I guess I managed to mostly do the base playbook.

Only wireguard's base template to finish, then I'll be able to test the playbook with a blank VPS / domain name, followed by writing the backup system's init, backup, and restore playbooks.

It takes such a toll

OK if the fucking mess that was the 2.9 ansible configuration wasn't enough, they decided to make an incredibly huge major change into the module distribution in 2.10, and the documentation is even messier.

Are people actually using this tool for real, or is it just a huge joke redhat decided to play?

And, like, for this first version I'm not even sure I'm gonna set up a gemini protocol server, because I don't know of any that are provided in debian repos, and I *do not want to* deal with compiling and deploying my own on a production server.

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The biggest reason for *not* doing most of what I wanted to do is how hellish it is to make dynamic rules and tasks and such.

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Started working a bit on the ansible config, I chose to drop lots of things I wanted.

Otherwise, I'm really never gonna set it up.

Abusive parents

"the missing missing reasons" was an interesting (and somewhat fun) read on parents who just don't know why their child(ren) won't talk to them (except they do know why, they just don't want to acknowledge it).

wrist marks, bondage 

It's been long since I last got tied up. Feels so damn good

I also have this project to make a single-user "mastodon" activitypub server in queue since... forever.

Blah, I hate feeling so unproductive.

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The hardest part is the backups.

I don't need any, right now, but that doesn't mean that I would like to *not have any* either.

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