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Welp, today marks the day I deleted my account.

Been a mod for a while on it, but I ultimately dropped activity after being increasingly tired of seeing it *filled* with marketing and aggressive advertisement bullshit for which the other mods and comms managers seemed pretty comfortable with.

It's become an empty platform, filled with nothing but "buy buy buy".
No more actually interesting complex tech articles.

I'm out of there.

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@stolas "LGBT", "Political protests", yeah no, the only politics at play here are people who want to stomp on other people's right to exist and love.

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twinkle twinkle little star, why is drawing an eye so fucking hard

I'm definitely wanting to natively support Gemini for browsing created recipes on my recipe manager, but that'll require some more thinking...

For now, let's work with making a good HTTP version, then we'll think about the compatibility layer.

Aaand I got stuck on a stupid HTML bug for more than 5 minutes.

Spot the error.

<form method="post sm:max-w-lg" class="">

Yup, that's a misplaced attribute value segment. Dammit

Today, I learned:

- how to properly manage PostgreSQL database migrations in case of major version upgrade;
- how to not see database migrations as an expensive set of SQL files, but instead as a database schema diff (applied with the awesome "migra" tool, which I'm gonna use everywhere)
- how to better manage timestamps in PostgreSQL

Today was a surprisingly good and wholesome day, including at work.



@absturztaube completely random ask. I aim, at some point, to develop a single-user-centric masto alternative, among other single-user activitypub things.

Would you be okay with sharing the emotes of your instance ? (IIRC, you're an instance admin)

I'm still too lazy to get around putting on paper the first draft on my one-user-centric mastodon / pixelfed / video host alternative...

ActivityPub really isn't transparent on "expected features", sadly...


when they meow boost if you agree
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how to make tea the sleepy way: fill water with water

done :blobcatgoogly:

I really need to get around making this "how to send an email" netiquette simplification website, to send to people who send a thousand useless lines by email.

Also, fuck those email clients adding an entire gigabyte of documents and shit by default

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