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Welp, today marks the day I deleted my account.

Been a mod for a while on it, but I ultimately dropped activity after being increasingly tired of seeing it *filled* with marketing and aggressive advertisement bullshit for which the other mods and comms managers seemed pretty comfortable with.

It's become an empty platform, filled with nothing but "buy buy buy".
No more actually interesting complex tech articles.

I'm out of there.

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@stolas "LGBT", "Political protests", yeah no, the only politics at play here are people who want to stomp on other people's right to exist and love.

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twinkle twinkle little star, why is drawing an eye so fucking hard

At first, I wanted to go the usual `builder ./input ./output` route, but that makes dynamic inputs much harder to build (e.g. a document that relies on another document, such as an index page).

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Using my janet script for Gmi to Gmi / HTML (preprocessing + some stuff) allows me to do

#!/usr/bin/env -S janet blog.janet

and run

MODE=gmi ./document > $OUTPUT

for Gemini and

MODE=html ./document > $OUTPUT

for HTML and RSS.

Pretty neat :blobcat:

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For my personal blog's builder, I wanted to have executable / plaintext GMI document interop, so I could simply do something like `CONTENT=$(./document)` in my SSG and get something ready.

Using that as shebang does the trick pretty well :blobcat:
#!/usr/bin/env -S tail -n +2

covid, mh 

@Arteneko I really love politics, and it's sad to see just how bad many "western" "developed" countries handle the covid thing, especially compared to New Zealand or Australia right now.

I'm sick of pretending we don't know why england wants to destroy wales

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and how when thatcher sought to destroy class consciousness and publicly owned industry, the people she had to be most brutal towards were welsh miners, who were strong and passionate socialists, and that the current government idolise her methods of capping welsh success and spreading poverty, suffering, and identity crisis from within by banning the speaking of native languages, and making the idea of being welsh a concept literally only associated with fucking farm animals, the kind of attack they often pull in countries they neighbour until the point they collapse, like cornwall

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and how, the latest budget handed to us by england is nothing close to what was promised, and serves as an attempt to increase dependency on england as the Yes Cymru movement gains strength everyday

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you know about capel celyn, right? welsh village that was flooded in 1965 in order to create a reservoir for liverpool that they literally never used not even once? and how, like, england broke international law to override the welsh governments decision to stop the plans for it in 1962?

and how england continues to break international laws whenever it wants by claiming old powers to do so?

(we'll note that this quiz is requiring us to attend on-site. In the middle of a global pandemic, where our county is literally the WORST ONE at handling this, and where corona-chan runs rampant.)

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Imagine studying in tech and having a 2h multiple-choice quiz with negative scoring grading your ability to remember by heart around 500 mathematical formulae, most of which are around 3 to 4 lines-long.



Vivaldi browser setting default shortcuts for "Create a note from the selected text" and "Inspect element" to Ctrl+Shift+C.

You cannot change the "Inspect element" one, but you can remove the note one.

Except that if you remove the note one, the inspect element one is still broken.

I love the modern web.


This school project requires us to use the cancerous "modern" react + mongodb bullshit.

It's so annoying to develop using this tool suite, you stack tons and tons and tons of build tools and shitty libraries together.

job search, repeats appreciated 

wanted to apply for that tech support job at bandcamp, but i was too slow :blobcatsad:

it sounded pretty good too, basically all it required were good english writing skills and “enough knowledge of html/css to know when to open the web inspector”

this is most likely going nowhere, but if anyone happens to find/have a job offer that is remote, part-time (≤6h), and has flexible working hours…

My laptop setup had polybar, I finished reinstalling it and took the time to switch to yabar to test.

Wow, it's at least 10 times faster to compile, no more hanging away from the laptop for 10min when compiling polybar :blobcat:

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