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twinkle twinkle little star, why is drawing an eye so fucking hard

Mais tellement.

Je suis pas du genre a raler sur l'ecole en mode "on nous apprend des trucs qui servent a rien".
Mais serieux, ou sont les endroits ou t'apprend a te saper comme tu aimes ? A trouver ce que tu aimes ? A explorer ton style ?

Ou t'apprend a reparer un velo si ton pere t'as pas appirs (j'ai de la chance ici).

Plein de truc : les impots, les courses, cuisiner : d'ou y'a pas de cours de cuisine a l'ecole purin !? Au lycée !!! 3 ans apres tu commences ton independance et potentiellement tu sais pas faire un peu a manger ?! WHAT ?!

Tellement de truc qui vont pas...

Mais bon, il faut bien apprendre l'orthographe Francaise toute pétée et pleurer sur le bon vieux temps ou on apprenait les espaces vectoriels au lycée (vrai rant d'une de mes profs de prépa, quelle connasse la-dessus...)

looks pretty slick, but in the context of blogging (i.e. no inbox for incoming messages, full publish), the spec and mastodon / mozilla hacks articles are *seriously dense* on possibilities and features and such.

Anyone got a link under hand? (boosts ok)

@Arteneko during my entire education only one (1) teacher understood that some people needed more time.

He's a very cool guy. He made all-day classroom reservations for exams so students could take as much time as they needed.



yeah fuckface maybe if you gave more than 5s to actually read and answer your shit...

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yet another class day, yet another toxic competition day...

"Take this quiz and be faster than everyone else to get extra points"

yeah fuck this, why should I be penalized for needing more time than others? AFAIK being slower is already penalizing enough

Vous vous y connaissez en remorque pour vélo ?

pour un truc à moins de 80€ si possible

boost ok !

Tho, I'm fully expecting that people *still* haven't wizened up to the surveillance capitalism bullshit and will just register and log in as they're told to…

Call me bitter or what have you, but that's likely what's going to happen.

Une baguette c’est juste une petite bague non

Judith Butler dismantles trans-exclusionary feminism and JK Rowling
“I'm perplexed that you point out abuse levelled against JK Rowling, but you do not cite the abuse against trans people and their allies”

Either the software they're using doesn't allow easy access to those tags (could be it was designed for humans in the first place) or the vet is aware of secret cat military and accidentally slipped that info to us.

I have been keeping an eye on the cats since then and I'm unsure about the situation. Either they're really lazy or they're observing us and trying to learn how cat food cans work.

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Pour les lecteurs de (mon blog tech), j'ai reçu pas mal de requêtes de gens voulant être prévenus dès la sortie de l'article, mais c'est pas un truc simple à gérer. Donc j'ai fait un poll pour voir les solutions qui vous semblent les plus cool pour *vous*.

For readers of (my tech blog), I've received lots of requests for notification for some articles, but it's hard to manage; made a poll for you to see which other means I could put up front.

So uh I finally finished a piece on some less-known git features, like archives, namespaces, and hooks.

Here's the link:

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