post i found on tumblr:

some of you may've heard about that fancy "bionic reading" typefont thats supposed to be easier for people to read (if you're unfamiliar, it bolds the first few letters of each word to make it easier to follow)

well guess what, its locked behind a $500 a month API to write in because fuck you!

introducing, Not Bionic Reading! it is literally just the bionic reading typefont but for free. god bless neocities

@0lvr @feonixrift
Im mixed on this, because its behind a $500 for commercial applications.
But it doesnt have to be an api.
But there is prior art
Its a bad okay good spiral in that I think someone tried to do some good by making something easier to access in a not so great way.

@0lvr I'm afraid this is totally incorect information about the original version of Bionic Reading.

It's free to use, through either a chrome extension or a converter.

It also has an API which is for integrating the font into existing apps (this copycat doesn't offer that at all). The API is free for up to 500 requests a day, and $19/month for up to 20,000 requests a day. This is a huge amount that no personal user would ever need. It's literally free to use.

@Averixus well, that's why it's "from tumblr". thanks for the clarification, i'm sure people will find use for both

@0lvr I saw the same post on tumblr circulating with a correction, so I wanted to add that here too :)

@Averixus @0lvr "free for up to 500 requests a day" is useless if you're going to actually make an accessibility technology _accessible_ to poor people. To do that you need free apps. Unless of course you think it's a good idea to sell the information about who is reading what... This is a tool that helps people with disabilities to read. That shouldn't be limited to people with $$ and people shouldn't have to sign up to have their privacy violated to have access to it.

@0lvr Spoke to a guy once who was (is?) CEO of some startup that displayed words on top of each other. Was apparently easier for people with dyslexia to read (not sure this was ever peer reviewed).

So I ask him: “What’s your business model?”

He looks at me like I’m daft. “We know what you’re reading.”

#SurveillanceCapitalism #peopleFarming

@aral @0lvr yea this! Also, this whole Bionic Reading seems to just make the first half of a word bold. (They seem to offer some tuneables, which doesn't really make stuff more complex) That can easily done on the server or via some local JS. No need to include services from third parties and leak information about your users.

@0lvr Good on you! I only hope this doesn't end poorly for you

@0lvr As in like if Bionic Reading were to pursue legal action. IANAL and I don't think they'd have a leg to stand on, but that hasn't stopped corporations before.

@JonYoder it's not my project? just sharing a link i found

@0lvr Oh! Never mind then. I thought you were the author. Silly me. 😏

In both cases, I wonder if these things actually help people read better/easier.

Is there any explanation on how/why this is supposed to help?
(and some independent confirmation that it does indeed help?)
...and whom?

That dyslexiefont looks fine to me, but
I find boldened letters at the start of each word confusing. As if I'm supposed to emphasize them. Instead, I "stumble" over them when reading. But then, I'm not dyslexic (though mildly neurodivergent)


@Mr_Teatime @0lvr i think the idea is that the ability to focus on the first letter (s) and let your "AI" "guess" the rest to help you stay focused on the text.

When my kids were reading (loud) books, they often stumbled/stopped on words they got wrong, so they had to re read the hole sentence to make sense.
Reading was a pita for them.

The font itself didn't help much because books usually don't come with it printed though ;)

ohh, I think I get it: you get distracted because some (allready correctly identified) word is written in some weird way, so you need to analyse that, reconsider how to pronounce it (or if it's actually what you thought it was), and now you just stopped reading...

I stumble a lot on grammar errors, but have the inverse issue when reading Dutch: I'll just replace some words with whatever makes the most sense to my (German) grammar processor, without even noticing.

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