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:trans: 🇧🇪 thanks for your help everybody, i really appreciate it. i have a good idea how to go about it now. there have been so many answers in less than 24h i'm getting a little overwhelmed. so sorry if i missed your message/reply

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here's a / / and project i'm co-creating/contributing to:

the website is still in its early stages but we're up and running :)

oh hey, better late than never! it's the last day of so to celebrate that and my informed consent visit tomorrow, i made a little themed spread based on the original 8-striped flag design. well, less of an actual layout, but a set of introspective and affirming questions to journal or read cards about. enjoy! 🌈

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(cups you in both my hands like a cool little bug and puts you in a little terrarium with sticks and leaves)

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ableism, request for resources :boost_requested: 

anyone here have some good sources, or terms to search for, when trying to convince family members that 1) chronic illness exists and 2) chronically ill people need more rest and depriving them of it is fucking abusive?

or any advice u have for getting people to respect the limitations of a sick person. has Anything worked for u? are there arguments that people seem more responsive to? tysm for any help

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blind person looking for a keypad :boost_ok: :at_me: 

My national org for the Blind has been out of Orbit braille gear for a while and they don't seem to be restocking anytime soon, and the site doesn't seem to ship outside of the US at the moment.

I am looking for either:

- An USian willing to send a package to Spain so I can buy the actual Orbit 20 braille typing keyboard.

- Advice on bluetooth keypads and programming them for braille on Android and Windows.

- Someone who builds keyboards who could make a small wireless keypad for braille and navigation (6 to 16 keys)

I live in Spain, in case you need to account for shipping and such.

love watching solo ttrpg players basically reinvent cartomancy for their oracle needs 💙 (for real)

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tech babble, asking about Emacs 

i'm kind of a neophyte when it comes to, uh, technomancy. what does Emacs actually do? is it like... a text interface for a bunch of shit? how does one go about learning how to use it?

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To confront the legislative assault on trans people, we must shift from a discourse of protecting rights to a practice of fighting for gender self-determination.

In this analysis, we discuss why this assault is happening now—what it means in a global context—and how we can resist.

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Anti-Work: From “I Quit” to “We Revolt”

In fall 2021, word spread about a revolt against work sweeping the United States. How is workplace resistance changing alongside work itself, and what strategies are likely to work in these new conditions?

abortion, resources + 

you can get abortion pills "ahead of time" here, just in case. not cheap but they might be able to work something out if you can't afford it

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Oh yes, I wanted to be clear:

Do not go to the Satanic Temple for abortion rights / rites.

They are a white supremacist organization, and they genuinely don't give a shit about the cause.

I know right now is really scary, but please understand you cannot trust the Satanic Temple. I know we all boosted a lot of stuff yesterday (myself included) but I'm going to go through yesterday's stuff and unboost it if it's Satanic Temple related. I suggest y'all do the same.

:boost_ok:​ (also if you feel this needs CWs, feel free to link and CW it yourself)

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hey pals! a friend of mine is trying fedi but i am trying to help him find an instance that is encouraging/empowering towards immunocompromised disabled people during covid. does anyone know a specific instance? is great but it's probably not the ideal space for him just in terms of content

saga for my OOP firsts continues :' definitely won't happen this year

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The submission are open for #fantomesZine second edition! Send along your writing, poetry, illustrations, photos or something else entirely on the theme of ghosts, hauntology, occultism or spooky folklore. There is no submission deadline yet but i think I'll leave them open for a month or two. Boosts appreciated, let your friends know about it and look up issue 1 for inspiration ~ 👻

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#GoodRead : I just discover #Branch. It's a nice #webzine in english aiming « A Sustainable #Internet for All » 🌍

Topics on the last issue (3) :
- #Solarpunk and Hope
- #FossilFree Futures
- Tackling #Adtech and #Climate Misinformation
- #Tech Workers Take A Stand
- #Sustainable Web Craft
- #ClimateJustice and #Solidarity

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lol i absolutely do not 'have to get covid at some point'

christianity mention 

also is the implication that only christians can sexualize and pervert their faith?

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christianity mention 

tumblr dash did a thing

(marked sensitive for vaguely nsfw and also sacrilege if that's your thing)

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