#Fediblock recommendation: suspend hunk.city
Admin apparently tries to fuck up other fediverse instances with spam messages


@Anke Perhaps @Loki and @me should also be on your blocklist. Is the Fediverse itself undergoing some sort of attack. The user avaters seem sort of in the "shitposter style" I've come to hate.

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@n8chz @Anke @Loki No idea, thats why I asked, whats that. Had 2 freaking long messages with many people.

@me @Anke @Loki Clearly some kind of attack is being waged against the Fediverse. Sorry if picking fights was someone's idea of an intended response.

@n8chz @Anke @me
>cute girl from a vn
That counts as a shitposter avatar?

@Loki @Anke @me "A'"I" seems to think so, not that that means anything

@n8chz @Anke @me i mean yeah, im a shitposter who says upsettings things just for the sake of it, but it has nothing to do with my avatar, pls dont be so easy to cast judgement on others based on their avatars
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