This document was last reviewed 6th October, 2021. It was not updated at this time.

User conduct policies

Users are asked to abide by the following rules, to be considerate of others, and to act with respect on this service. The rules/policies of are as follows.
  • Any content or postings which may be illegal under German or Scottish law are not permitted.
  • Any content or postings containing Nazi symbolism, ideology and the promotion thereof, are strictly forbidden and seriously uncool.
  • Racism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia and any other discriminatory conduct which attacks any individual or group of individuals based on what they are or what they believe in, is strictly forbidden and also seriously uncool.
  • Any conduct which abuses this Mastodon instance, or which causes harm to other Mastodon instances, and/or the users thereof, is strictly forbidden and seriously uncool.
  • While essentially all posts not violating the above are welcome on this instance, you are asked to be considerate and respectful of others - for example, tagging a post about a controversial subject or a commonly-held phobia using content warnings.
  • Basic parts of your user profile, such as username/display name, profile picture and banner, must not be explicit in nature.
  • Explicit/NSFW content is allowed, but must be appropriately tagged using the sensitive media and content warning tags.

In almost all cases, no action will be taken against an actual user (not clearly spam or a "troll") without discussing the matter first, but in cases of very clear disregard for's policies, moderation action may be taken immediately. In all cases, I will reach out, either via Mastodon direct messages, or via email to your registered email address, to discuss things that may break the above rules. Ignoring these messages and continuing to break rules will earn a suspension or other moderation action.

Data collection, storage and usage policies is, first and foremost, user privacy oriented. Please exercise common sense where there are any gaps in this policy, as it was written by a human with no prior experience in writing policies. This instance of Mastodon collects the following information for the purposes of handling user registrations and account management:
  • Username (for purposes of identification on the platform)
  • Email address (for purposes of verifying registration, sending platform emails such as digests or notifications, or for moderator communication)
  • Most recent IP address (for purposes of manual verification in case of account recovery)
  • Date and time of account creation, and date and time of most recent account activity (such as logging in, for purposes of manual verification in case of account recovery)

As part of your usage of Mastodon, your user preferences are also stored, for purposes of ensuring your personal preferences are consistent across login sessions.
This instance of Mastodon may have public timeline access enabled, for the purposes of allowing new visitors to the site to see what the public timeline is like before registering, in order to better assess whether the community is a good fit for them. This data is made available explicitly for this purpose.
Only posts marked "public" will be included in the public timeline. Due to abuse of this access, this public timeline access has been temporarily disabled.

Data made available externally of this instance of Mastodon is done so exclusively for the purposes of federating with other instances. This data must not be obtained, stored, re-published outside the context of another ActivityPub instance, such as a Mastodon or Pleroma instance. Access to or collection of information from this Mastodon instance outwith the above ("normal federation activity within the Fediverse") is expressly disallowed. No information (whether data or metadata) may be accessed, collected, stored, aggregated, analysed or otherwise obtained, processed or retained. This policy applies retroactively, and you are required to immediately remove information stored if in violation of this policy.

As a function of your agreement with as a GDPR Data Controller and Processor, which is indicated by your registration, you agree and understand that pursuant to Article 6 subparagraph 1, clause (b) of the General Data Protection Regulation, any and all data related to your account may be irrevocably destroyed upon breach of the terms of service and acceptable use policies listed on this website (the "contract" in GDPR).
In cases where the infringing account is held by a natural person (not an automated account), a full export of all account data held will be provided prior to account termination, for the purposes of data portability under the GDPR. This export will be generated after removing any content stored which violates any legal statutes, pursuant to Article 6 subparagraph 1, clause (c) of the GDPR.
Finally, this export will be made available for download via the standard export mechanism, and the download link will be sent via email to the email address registered to your account. This download will be deleted up to one week after being downloaded, or one month after being generated. If the export is not downloaded in that time, the data is considered to be abandoned, and its erasure falls under Article 6, subparagraph 1, clause (f) - legitimate interest of the data controller, for the purposes of reducing active storage space and for reducing the amount of data held.
Upon termination of an account, no data subject to the conditions of the GDPR is retained.
I hope this document has made it clear that wishes to collect, retain and process as little information as possible in order to provide service.

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