misogynistic language maybe? 

My Transformer name would be Gar-Bitch because I'm a bitch made of garbage

non consent 

I'm not saying don't buy the bundle, because I assume the money does not go to Christine. Do not give money to Christine.

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non consent 

That's awesome but isn't this the game where you can fuck people who think you're your brother?

hospitals, blood 

It squicks me the fuck out when a character on TV yanks an IV out. Maybe it doesn't bother people who haven't been in and out of hospitals their whole lives but it's not a needle, it's a tube.

I have created a fabulous new computer program. Simply give me a number and I will tell you the name of your next dnd character.

lewd and gross 

Going down to DC to get some of that Pelussy

lewd shitpost 

Brian Hyland: "she wore an itsy bitsy teenie weenie-"
Me: "so do you have her number or what?"

Are you a Wife Guy, a Wife Cody, or a Wife Mike Haggar

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horrific racism, lynching 

One of my friends was almost lynched last night in Bloomington, IN.

I just got to watch the painful videos.

My friend's name is Vauhxx. They barely got out with their life.

DNR did not make any arrests, so it’s time to get on the phone and reach out to Monroe County Prosecutor Erika Oliphant! Email is eoliphant@co.monroe.in.us. Phone is 18123492670.

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need a place to go immediately 

Is there anyone in the PDX area I can stay with tonight? Things are getting hairy here and I don’t feel safe.

Slightly lewd shitpost 

That old "rubber balls and liquor" joke just sounds like a good time honestly

The sound of cicadas raises the temperature outside by 10-15 degrees.

My dog is barking at a squirrel and the sound is carrying really far. I can hear dogs barking at the vet down the road

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I’m just really angry about cops 

The This American Life episode about the aftermath of George Floyd’s death is the most bootlicker shit I’ve ever heard. They chop up a white anarchist’s conversation with a Black cop and then the reporter asks the pig, “so is it safe to say that was a white lady explaining to you why Black lives matter?”

Fuck you NPR, eat my shit

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