stalking my ex crush while waiting for my skating buddies kinda thursday night


i like drunk me. drunk me is hyper productive, happy, honest, loving and shameless.
but drunk me is also very bad with frustration
why the fuck did i just cry cuz i couldn't find my knitting needle

UK : Remove requirement for gender dysphoria diagnosis to obtain a [gender recognition certificate]

[ ]

just saw another add for an event, open to "women and enbys"
enbys aren't fem-light
not every enby feels welcomed and comfy in sorority
there's masc-aligned enbys, AMAB enbys, etc; who don't feel comfortable surrounded by cis women, ya know


RFC means Request For Cuddles

if ur outfit doesn't have at least (2) items of clothing you Absolutely should have washed 4 days ago because none of ur clean clothes are as hot i literally do not wanna hear about it

my emotions on antidepressants: :|

my emotions without them: :O

β€œMan shouldn’t be the default word for human” Ok let’s all speak latin and say homo

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