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I wrote a new kinky queer erotica story. You should read it if you like that sort of thing

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if you think I'm horny now, you should wait until spring. omg.

in other news I am very very very fucking ready for spring

it's probably going to bother me for a while that this movie has someone flipping pages the wrong way in a book written in hebrew.

Queer. Queer? Queer, queer queer, queer. Queer... Queer. Queer queer, queer. 😆 Queer!

Queer, queer queer queer, QUEER! :blobhearteyesa: Queer!!! :garfield:

It has taken decades of work for the concept of "trans women are women" to be even comprehensible to average people as a statement. Before that, you had to write a paragraph. Before that, an entire article. Before that, a book.

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some of y'all have never been forklift certified and it shows

Hopefully no once will hit my car while the wheel is off

hmmm might "cater to men's sexual desires" by never having sex with a man

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