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I'm not going to heal if I keep coming back to Mastodon. This really was only good for me when Blush was around.

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Sometimes all a girl needs is, a little love,,, sometimes,, she also needs a lot of money uwu

well I hope I didn't fuck that up *shrug*

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Crows roost communally. Crows can describe individual humans and inform other crows in their community about threats and friends. Corvids are highly intelligent and very social. Birds are dinosaurs.

Part of the fun of feeding crows is realizing that, as a direct result, real live dinosaurs are going to talk to each other about you personally.

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This is day one of four for this class... Spread out through the month. Yay.

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Why is everyone suddenly interested in getting in my pants. Is it because I changed my soap?

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nbd, i'm just reading old texts from her

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forms made by cishets are like

Select your gender:
[ ] Gender 1
[ ] Gender 2
[ ] I renamed my gender at some point
[ ] Genders 3 through 7,000,000,000

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