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I think the world would be a much nicer place if people stopped using hypothetical edge case scenarios as arguments against solutions for actual problems that real people are really having right now.

going to an interview is just LARPing a succesful person

y'all ever see a girl and go: oh h idgghjsbfdkgkjhgsgfd

following someone back right after they follow you is the equivalent of someone’s hand brushing yours and you just fucking grab it and hold on to it and I am here for that

Keep up the good work tootuals. You are so important

trans polyamory culture is everyone thinking they're the only person not good enough for their polycule

Take your meds little monsters. (And big monsters)

The light from the Shabbos candles reflected in a cat's eye. Boost if you agree. :blobcat:

i can't wait to get sushi and go dancing with my beautiful @Mmysblushingbaby

I'm thinking about starting a local non-dogmatic discussion and ritual group for witches/sorcerers/magic workers in western massachusetts

people say you get less horny on hrt but nothing can suppress my horny

fingers crossed for the weather to not be bad when I do end up going

Believing so deeply in your own cuteness that the rest of the world gets on board

someday, after @Mmysblushingbaby and I get settled in the same place, I want to drag her along on a motorcycle adventure across the country. Maybe we could visit people, if we still have so many fans when that happens.

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