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ever sit back and remember how Leonard Peltier is 75 years old and has been in prison since 1977 and has no hope of parole until 2024, and how Mumia Abu-Jamal is 66 and has been in prison since 1982 and was on death row until 2011, and is still serving a life sentence, and how Assata Shakur has been living in Cuba in exile since 1979, and how the trials for literally all of these activists were utter bullshit kangaroo court nonsense?

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I should be between your thighs

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blm rebellions 2020, dc, statues getting wrecked 

Protestors have torn down a statue of Andrew Jackson, a former president of the US best known for his rampant corruption and genocide.

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I need attention

Honestly I am always a little surprised when someone breaks up with me. Not that I couldn't see why they felt like it had to happen, but most of the times it's happened I was more than willing to keep trying to fix whatever problems we had.

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i'm amazing. I'm loving and kind and supportive. I'm picky as fuck about who I spend my time with. It hurts like hell to be pushed away.

I mean, it doesn't hurt as much as losing @Mmysblushingbaby of course, but omg it does hurt.

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I'm sexy and someone should have been in my bed this morning to keep me from getting up.

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poly laws, Canada, parental rights, good 

"On June 14 [2018] a family court judge ruled in favour of an unconventional family — made up of two men and a woman — who all wanted to be legally recognized as parents to a child the woman had in 2017.

All three now have their names listed as legal guardians. Before, the law only allowed two people to be listed."

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Adding "THIS IS NOT A PLACE OF HONOR" to all my software licenses
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source code, C crimes 

#define 👇 { #define 👆 } #define 👉 ( #define 👈 ) #define 👏 ; #include <stdio.h> int main() 👇 if 👉 5 > 1 👈 👇 printf 👉 "Hello!" 👈 👏 👆 else 👇 printf 👉 "Oh no!" 👈 👏 👆 👆

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@somarasu @c0debabe So far, in all but one place I've been a hiring manager, it's been frustrating because the hiring pipeline ate black candidates (and women, and queer folks) before I ever even saw resumes. The one place it's been ok? Black woman running HR (also, incidentally, overall the best-run HR Dept I've seen. That lady Knew Her Shit.)

So I'll add to this call: HR people and execs, please fix your shit candidate pipelines. I can't hire people when HR disqualifies them without so much as a phone screen. Maybe make your HR crew be not all Karens

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uspol minneapolis + + + + + + + 

minneapolis city council has announced their intent to disband the minneapolis police department and invest in community-led public safety

Feeling sorry for myself won't fix anything

I had to read the phrase "incel attack" with my own two eyes.

BuzzFeed News: The FBI Says A Guy Blew His Hand Off With A Bomb Possibly Planned For An Attack On "Hot Cheerleaders".

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