@ak yeah it does have pods, my mum got me a bunch with it, and it came with two vouchers to use on Tassimo's site within a couple of months of registering so I got a fair bit for fairly good value at the start, and Tesco often has deals on the pods, some packs are 16 cups and some 8, depending on if they have a separate milk pod, but even an 8 pack is only like 60-70p a cup max, I wouldn't have bought one myself but it makes some fun coffees for about 1/5th of the price of a costa latte lol

@ak ah that sounds excellent, I have a tassimo coffee maker that my mum got me for Christmas, so that's what been keeping me awake most days 😴

Oo I like this picrew maker picrew.me/image_maker/43267 you can have all the vices lol (I made my own background for the coffee one though lol)

food, mould 

another meta comment about debate on the internet 

@stelepami hehe yes surprisingly cute, the two albinos have started laying eggs so we may have tiny baby ones soon :blobaww:

Show my your cats and dogs and guinea pigs and whatever other wonderful animals you have in your lives. Please. Share them with everyone so we can smile a little. :boost_ok:

@envgen oh gosh yeah, I didn't even have to go out in the sun in mine but it was not fun trying to go around the shop wearing it (while trying to push a trolley and dodge people who thought 20cm was 2m)

Some people have a girlfriend
Some people have a boyfriend
I have a platypus controlling me, he's underneath the table

Mentions of Jolene always remind me of this eldritch version that Tumblr wrote and recorded 😄 corralfur.tumblr.com/post/1778

Describe the male love interest in Jolene:

You can’t. He’s not described

What’s the male love interest’s name in Jolene?

Drawing a blank? He’s not named.

Jolene however has auburn hair, and emerald green eyes, and a smile like the breath of spring, and a voice like summer rain...

Hon, ditch Noname McGee, you’re in love with Jolene

Aaaaaand she probably likes you back. Why do you think she’s been hanging around you and your formless gray lump of a boyfriend?!?

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