Fitness tracker stats 

Fitness tracker stats 

@thamesynne I am not looking forward to the heatwave hitting, I'm appreciating it being a little cooler and cloudy today

Fitness tracker stats 

Went for an evening stroll so I'm over 1800 steps for today now :blobcheer:

@hollyamory it's so humid, I'm dying, where's our thunderstorm :blobugh:

@moth wow that's awesome, maybe I'll give it a go sometime, I am aware of a roller derby team near here ๐Ÿ˜„

@Adolin_Brawlin you're supposed to wear it all the time, it also tracks sleeping and tells you when you haven't moved in a while ๐Ÿ˜…

I just got a fitness tracker today, and I've only been wearing it a short while and just sitting at my desk and walking back and forth to the kitchen to make dinner and I've already done 39 steps apparently!

@Juju I'm 35 in August, and been feeling old since about 28 (even though everyone tells me I look younger than I am)

@UnclearFuture ah yeah livejournal was great before the Russians came along, sadly though I'm not really in touch with any of the people who I met there, I find moving platforms always loses a few people however hard you try to stay in touch.

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