@wolfie@deadinsi.de well I see my posts from my alt, guess I'm just being ignored

Do any trans women have experience with GRS surgery on the NHS and willing to chat with my partner about it? Specifically vaginoplasty and labiaplasty, but also best surgeons (we've heard Dr Thomas is possibly retiring)

Boosts very welcome, thank you!

hmm I've been over here mostly for the last little while, should probably considering switching which account is officially my alt

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@jenalyze the astrazeneca vaccine doesn't need to be stored in as cold an environment as the mRNA vaccines, but we have about three or four in circulation now of the different types

@varx ah, thanks for explaining, I've only ever seen the SSO process be triggered by specifically clicking the "sign in with X service* button on a page that also has a username and password box rather than typing the email and triggering it so I wouldn't have associated that, the hide the password type of login has mostly happened to me on sites that afaik didn't have SSO


Was just thinking that if chilli/capsicum has an effect like fire (it keeps hurting for a while afterwards much like if you burn yourself), then wasabi/peppery flavour is like a small electric shock (it tingles for a bit but the effect goes away pretty quickly)

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both my mum and dad have now had their covid vaccine invites, but they aren't available in their town for some reason? They have to go to Portsmouth, Brighton or Chichester - which isn't ideal for my mum as she can't drive yet as she's still recovering from her broken ankle, I'm not sure why there aren't more local options

haha omg on the topic of recipe bloggers daring to put a blog along with their recipe, someone tried to make an app that stripped all the non recipe parts out and got a lot of well deserved backlash so they've taken it down twitter.com/redman/status/1366

@varx I'm not sure what you mean by single sign on? On any site I've ever seen this I have to enter the email/username and then it loads the password box after you submit

oh hey a show that has more FF fanfic than any other type of pairing, and not a single MM! No wonder I love this show

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wow it's March again, it's nearly been a whole year of, oh I'm sure things will be back to normal next month and I won't need to panic about every single bill and rent etc

found a question on stack exchange about it, it apparently is good because it decouples parts of the log in process and reduces brute force attempts, but also it makes auto fill incredibly tedious so meh

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why do so many sites make you log in with a box for you to put your email which you have to submit before they'll show the password box and then you have to submit that again, what possible purpose does it serve?? I assume it's not checking your email is on their system before letting you enter a password cos that sounds like a security flaw

@LilyVers I think emoji must be long for emo cos I knew the word emo long before emojis came along

@naga it definitely had a lot more gay than the standard TV show!

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