Well the last two of the larger batch of baby just got sent to their new home today so we're down to lots and lots (and lots) of the smaller batch (biggest ones are 2-4cm), they are now living in the bigger tank so the smallest tank has been retired!


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apparently people are joking about slugs and today (not that I've seen it, at all lol) just a reminder if anyone in the UK would love a couple of pet giant african land snails, we have some for sale (see above toot for listing!)

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As I'm a year older today, here's a shiny new toot!

I'm Wolfie, a 36 year old white British human from the south of England. I'm and (AAA!!)

I have been around Mastodon since before the button said toot (Nov 2016) and now have far too many alts and specialised accounts (see profile for list!)

My posts are likely to be , , and sometimes grumpy (about )

I have unusual pets, a and !

[cw: snake, snail and eye contact]


so I asked on a forum about Snailey Rae Jepson not growing at all, when Snailor Swift who is the same breed and we got at the same time is growing plenty, well apparently runt giant african land snails are a thing, I love my tiny giant snail daughter :blobpats: Photos are from August when we got them and yesterday

omg need to repost the having their shower too, they don't deserve to be lost if deadinsi.de is truly down

Billie Snailish and Snailey Kiyoko like to take showers! (the video ended abuptly because the one I put down out of shot decided to climb the hand soap so I had to rescue her, lol)

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