found a few people who've had the occasional moan on twitter about letterboxd's lack of

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I do wish people would stop perpetuating the myth that dark theme protects your eyesight, literally gives me weird after images and makes me strain to read it but sure that's totally protecting my eyesight

As I'm a year older today, here's a shiny new toot!

I'm Wolfie, a 36 year old white British human from the south of England. I'm and (AAA!!)

I have been around Mastodon since before the button said toot (Nov 2016) and now have far too many alts and specialised accounts (see profile for list!)

My posts are likely to be , , and sometimes grumpy (about )

I have unusual pets, a and !

[cw: snake, snail and eye contact]

Thank god, the IMDb app brought back (they originally claimed they'd removed it because it was less popular and because it won't disturb people when you look stuff up mid movie 🙄)

should've known my problem with dark backgrounds and white text is probably due to my astigmatism, it's the root of all my eye issues!

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