Just watched the movie, The Story of Fire Saga, on Netflix and I really enjoyed it! I was suspicious of Americans making a movie about Eurovision but it was actually really good. There's some cameos from previous stars of the contest, including Netta who they were writing out of history by doing a fake 2018 so that was good to see :blobcheer: Also they decided 2018 was held in Edinburgh so apparently we won 2017 instead of Portugal lol

Spoilery thoughts to follow!

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Apparently my post earworm is a mashup of Iceland's entry and Little Big, which is impressive considering I've watched two whole throwback shows since the 2020 show ended and should probably be stuck with save all your kisses for me or making your mind up or something 😅

and now the fourth! that's 5 and a half hours of tonight, I guess the BBC would have had at least that much time dedicated to the final this evening so they've filled the time as well as they can

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oo we've got another show now, that's the third one tonight!

Now all the would be 2020 performers singing Love Shines A Light

haha his aside to us in the UK "that was awkward" - the delay on the satellite is quite a thing

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