My girlfriend was just playing this dude's EP because she likes the No Fucks Left to Give song and wanted to hear the rest, then this one came on and I was like yes this

19. Do you want kids?

Nope, forever

20. If you could go back in time where would you go?

To stop Brexit

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Ah I remember a previous documentary called My So Called Selfish Life that's still in production, and now there's another called To Kid or Not To Kid - it's good to see increased representation of people who choose to forgo children

I follow the tag on tumblr and a new blog recently popped up that is just dedicated to finding kinda gross things from parents and posting them to mock them and I just had to block the blog, I prefer more positivity in my childfree content not constantly stalking parents and laughing at them having a bad time with child rearing :hiss:

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