oh hey a show that has more FF fanfic than any other type of pairing, and not a single MM! No wonder I love this show

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Not had any more likes so just going to answer them in bunches till I'm done

18. Best friend(s)? I don't have any right now, and considering the person I considered a best friend in high school is now a cop that's probably for the best

19. Last time you cried? in the last week I think

20. Do you give second chances? Yeah too many usually

21. Favourite animal? *points at username* 🐺

22. Favourite sport team(s)? Lionesses (England Women's Football Team)

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Someone just fell down from a log and is very surprised at her impromptu bath, silly drop snake [cw: snake]

3. Eye colour

Depends on how closely you look and the lighting, I have central heterochromia with rings of hazel in the middle of the iris, green around that and blue on the outer edge

[CW close up of eye]

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ah just got reminded that 11 years ago today I saw Derren Brown live doing his show Enigma and met him at the stage door!

Joss Whedon being an abusive asshole 

wow this fact that Amazon put on Buffy Season 5 episode 15

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this may be one of the worse title options I've seen (on brita.co.uk), I mean you see just Ms or Mr quite often but to then say that Ms includes Mrs is hilarious (what about Miss??)

Re: bee non binary or frog non binary, I present: my tattoo

snake photo 

finally got a photo of Seraphina on her new pink quartz rock and as I suspected she looks so pretty on it :blobaww:


Make it diverse but still straight and don't dare make the man a vegan

Took over a month but we finally got all we needed for Seraphina's new larger vivarium and put it all together! Cw: snake photos


lol just answered a survey on how I found the process of ordering and taking a covid test and yes I'm definitely an internet expert :blobnomcookie:

Seraphina was helping me with playing the switch last night (snake in video)

Snake, selfie 

Just sitting here with Seraphina🐍

I am amused that "nearly every day" is the most often you can say you use the internet on this survey

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