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Update to abusive troll, slurs in screenshot 

New avatar, just seen Men In Black International and they gave me some sunglasses so I took a selfie in front of Tessa and Chris :thinkergunsunglasses:

my girlfriend just made and sent me this and won't explain what it means, but she says someone on the internet will get it so I'm opening it up to the internet :blob_dizzy_face:

Eurovision, alcohol 

Sigh, Gargron continues to be terrible about accessibility

This just in, women sometimes don't realise they aren't straight until they are older, especially if they grew up in a more oppressive time!

[Photo of the mail on Sunday with the headline "would you leave your husband for A WOMAN"]

About to watch Infinity War before the midnight screening of Endgame! [Selfie of me standing in front of a Captain Marvel Endgame poster]

I met up with my family today for lunch and it was so warm and sunny I wore a dress! [selfie of me with my hair side parted, wearing a helix piercing chain attached to my lobe earring, a bee necklace and a strappy blue dress]

There were five so it feels wrong not to share them all, CW for rotting flesh though

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