1. Nickname?

Wolfie is pretty much the only nickname I've ever acquired, I just get called my name irl

2. Height?

5'7" ish, no idea the cm equivalent 😅

3. Eye colour

Depends on how closely you look and the lighting, I have central heterochromia with rings of hazel in the middle of the iris, green around that and blue on the outer edge

[CW close up of eye]

4. Hair colour

Red or auburn, it's got darker and browner over the years

5. Any siblings?

Yes, a younger brother, we get on well, chat every day on telegram 😁

6. Do you drink?

Well I am British... but yes don't do the pub thing as much as I did 10 or more years ago but like a bottle of wine or some cider now and then

7. Crush?

I don't really get crushes, probably should've been a sign that I'm aroace much earlier in my life

8. Relationship status

Complicated, I live with a partner but there's poly stuff, mental health stuff and stuff you need to be a level 5 friend to know about

9. Sexuality?

bi, queer, ace, aro, gay, I collect labels like scout badges 😂

10. Obsession?

Possibly ACNH, I've been playing every day for nearly a year now, I have no other habits I can say that about!

11. Favourite store?

I generally hate shopping for anything other than necessities, also I think any stores I used to count as favourites for clothes have shut down

12. Phobia?

Heights, it is even triggered by seeing photos/videos that are high up, seeing other people near high places/leaning on bannisters, and most recently I tried Beat Saber and discovered that it makes you feel like you're standing on a tiny high up platform which is terrifying!

13. Cats or dogs?

Tough one, I've never lived with a dog though I'd like to be able to sometime, I've lived with 2 different cats though and will be doing what I can to get one soon!

14. Biggest female celebrity crush?

Well as I said, I don't really get crushes, but I have a few famous ladies I enjoy watching in anything they're in, biggest "crush" though, tough one :thinking_hard:

Maybe Charlize Theron, though Shannyn Sossamon would be high up there if she ever appeared in anything!

15. Biggest male celebrity crush?

Not sure I've had any male actors I must see in everything since I realised they all manage to disappoint you eventually (I'm a recovered Johnny Depp fan)

16. Idea of the perfect date?

Depends on whether that is first date, or a date with a longer-established partner

First date: probably a quiet coffee in a nice cafe somewhere, maybe a walk along the seafront/similar nice place to walk, just a chance to get to know them in person and see if we vibe

Later dates: a movie, dinner, home for snuggles on the sofa and chatting till the early hours. Netflix and non euphemistic chilling

17. Any scars? (CW: minor injuries, surgery) 

I have a patch on my left knee that never grew back the nerves and has shiny skin from tripping in the playground onto the tarmac in year 6 or 7 during a game of hot potato

A tiny scar on my chin from having a mole removed in middle school, it used to get me bullied and I had it done under anesthestic

End of my left little finger has misaligned finger prints from when I almost took the end off while cutting a bagel in 2008

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Not had any more likes so just going to answer them in bunches till I'm done

18. Best friend(s)? I don't have any right now, and considering the person I considered a best friend in high school is now a cop that's probably for the best

19. Last time you cried? in the last week I think

20. Do you give second chances? Yeah too many usually

21. Favourite animal? *points at username* 🐺

22. Favourite sport team(s)? Lionesses (England Women's Football Team)

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23. Favourite colour? 💜 :purple_sparkling_heart: :purple_circle:

24. Favourite flower? One that doesn't make me sneeze

25. Most important person? I don't really know how to answer this one, I have a few people who are important to me but none particularly the most important

26. Jealous type? Not really, I don't like competition so if I feel left out I'll just back off

27. Biggest wish? everyone's basic needs to be met

28. Biggest fear? Making phone calls

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29. Favourite band? Well the only band I've ever bought tickets for in the first ten minutes of them going live and immediately selling out was My Chemical Romance, probably them. Will we get to see them in 2021 or will it be 2022, we will see I guess...

30. Favourite song right now? why do questions like this make me forget all songs I know... I guess Wellerman?

31. Tattoos and piercings? I just have ear lobes, had a helix in my left ear for a bit. Tattoo: bi bee on ankle

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32. Last person you texted? I assume chat apps count lol, it was my mum who just messaged a photo of her foot that has been out of plaster for 4 days now!

33. see 11

34. What I love about myself? my super long hair

35. What I hate about myself? that I'm a chronic procrastinator

36. Someone you miss? My mum, it's been so hard not being able to go visit while she was in hospital & recovering from her broken ankle

37. Where would you love to live? Countryside surrounded by animals


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38. Your lucky number? I don't really have one, 6 is my favourite number though

39. What place(s) would you like to visit? At this point in lockdown, literally anywhere outside Portsmouth

40. Day or night? Day

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