Things that irritate me about the way people share links:

Using Nitter/the youtube one links rather than linking direct to twitter/youtube, if you want to use those cool, but they force dark theme, you can't interact with the content and it's confusing if you don't know what they are (I thought nitter was a fediverse site and couldn't work out how to get the link to load within mastodon)

Using reddit links that have forced themes in (old, compact etc) I had to install an add on to strip these

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as people are apparently gonna keep doing that I've found an excellent add on to redirect nitter URLs to twitter

If anyone wants to use it, you need to put the following in:


(mastodon ate the http://)

Then will become and the rest of the URL will stay the same so you can go to the actual post!

I'll see if I can work out how to do invidious too, though I see that much less often

that wasn't too hard, so for Invidious you want:


(both with https:// which mastodon is helpfully eating)

apparently nitter has multiple versions too, so update to above, remove .net, replace with .* and change $1 to $2 and that works

@wolfie sharing links on the internet was a mistake

@moiety ah that must be why the EU was trying to put a stop to that

@wolfie unfortunately they didn’t completely implemented the changes I demanded

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