If a BLÅHAJ wore a Christmas hat would they wear it like this or like this

I'm glad you're all enjoying Sharkira in their Christmas hat

Hehe glad this is having a second wind 🦈🎅

@wolfie Was going to suggest nose, but BLÅHAJ isn't really that pointy a shork

Love the dorsal fin hat though 🦈 🤶

If I ever figure out how to reply with an image... anyway, Bruce replied.

@fedilab or is that a client restriction?

@jens haha that's a fair point about the dorsal fin 😁

@wolfie we named ours sharky shark. We also have a stingray named Steve.

@wolfie definitely the second. Cruising near the surface, showing off their hat to all the land people

1 seems more appropriate, but 2 seems like it would stay put better, like, in actual shark conditions.

So I guess no 1 to the sharks Christmas party and no 2 when it's time to catch christmas dinner 😃

@wolfie second. So the other sharks know this is a happy jolly christmas shark as they swim around near the surface.


Oh on the fin! That way people can see the hat first!

Left make more sense.

But the right would be funnier. You are in the see, swimming peacefully. Then, all of a sudden, you hear "tuu dun, tuu dun, tuu dun, tu dun tu dun tu dun tudun tudun tudun" and you see a Christmas hat above the water coming your way :')

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