Anyone got any ace romance stories they can recommend? The ones I've read seem... much more sensible (familiar? comprehensible? not sure the right adjective) than the more conventional romances I read.

Already enjoyed (and recommended!) are Books and Bone by Victoria Corva, Our Bloody Pearl by D. N. Bryn, and a couple of the Toronto Connections stories by Cass Lennox.


@anne I haven't read it yet but Loveless by Alice Osemon has been generating a lot of buzz in the ace community

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@wolfie @anne I have read it! Loveless is AWESOME and I love it but it's aro-ace -- no romance. :)

@wolfie @anne or at least there is romance but not for the main character.

@vicorva @wolfie Still interesting! I'm kind of looking for stories about unconventional relationship structures leaning in the ace direction, so aro-ace stories are interesting too. I'll check out Loveless!

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