I'm not a gameing person, but I feel like telling you about the games from the racial justice bundle that I'm trying. My feelings: to be found in this thread.

Gameing: Sewer Rave 

I like rats, so I thought this was cool and tried it first! It's… not my kind of thing. It looks fun and nice and artsy but I don't like 3D things, especially the less gentle ones, so I didn't have much fun and quit after less than 5 minutes probably.


Gameing: Vilmonic 

I feel tricked! I don't really like crafting, but this is cute and simple to play and feels very smooth and non-overwhelming and also has crafting. Apparently the creatures will evolve a lot! I haven't played it for that long yet, but it's cute already.

Gameing: Democratic Socialism Simulator 

Yeah this one is fun. Cute graphics, not too cheesy, simple and straightforward and it is possible to get a good result without being too much of an asshole. Its ideas of how to convince people of a thing are not the most complex ones, but well, it's a fun game.

Gameing: Hidden Folks 

I like the calm concept: You have to find a bunch of things in a large messy picture. I don't really feel cozy feelings for the drawing style though, so I don't think I'll try this again.

Gameing: Visual Out 

Oooh this is pretty. It is also confusing and frustrating, but I can totally see myself spending an hour with this one now and then. Cybersad.

Gameing: KIDS 

In this, you get to push people into holes and through tubes that look a lot like intestines. I really enjoyed playing it although it did give me motion sickness.

Gameing: Beglitched 

"My mouse battery will only expire when it rains. It was a curse a witch put on me when I was little. Curse or not, she was cool."

I really, really like this game, I think.

It puts you in the place of a cute hacker. Everything has nice colors and is pretty and is mostly puzzle-y I think. It has repeating instructions and is very very gentle in teaching how to play, which, ooof, so important. It's also creative and cute.


Gameing: Beglitched 

What I like the most about it is that it feels very shadowrun-y in a way, with all the "fighting things in the matrix", and the special programs you get to make stuff easier. Just, in very very cute and calm.

Gameing: Celeste 

I know that everyone loves it and that's why I tried it. However, I don't think I enjoy jumpy games where you can fall down and die at all. It does feel a bit friendlier than others of that sort, but it is still hard and stressful. I enjoy games where you click and chill.


Gameing: Celeste 

@maunzi I'm really bad at jumping games so definitely relate

Gameing: Celeste 

@wolfie it's so sad, but aaah, this is just too frustrating. :D

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