Amazon has been confused this week, on Thursday I ordered some substrate so I can clean out Seraphina's viv, and it initially said it would arrive Monday, ok fine. Then yesterday my phone did the "it's 1 stop away" thing, but nothing arrived and the website still said Monday. But now it still says Monday but the order tracker has updated to out for delivery, so it might come today 🤷🏻‍♀️

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It just arrived, and good to see Amazon following proper social distancing guidelines, dropping the parcel at the door and running away, oh wait that's how they usually do it

pandemic-adjacent, Universal Parcel Sink 

@wolfie I had UPS do me something similarly-annoying (but potentially amusing for others) :

They failed to deliver me a parcel, presumably “you weren't here” means “the driver couldn't bother booping the doorbell”, and left it at a pickup point.

Said pickup point is a café that is now closed indefinitely because of the pandemic >_>'

It looks like they are returning the parcel (something I had to send for repairs over half-a-year ago) to the sender.

screams in the void.

@kellerfuchs uggh that's the most frustrating parcel delivery failure I've ever heard, and I had notorious failure to deliver delivery firm Hermes decide my address didn't exist for 3 weeks and then send the parcel back >.<

@wolfie how's seraphina for food btw? 😟 I follow someone on tiktok who has a pet chameleon and she said getting food had become an issue thanks to the covid-closures :<

@starfish I've got 4 frozen rats left, apparently pet shops aren't included in the closures but I'll definitely be calling the local one(s) before driving over there to get any. Also she's apparently on a hunger strike for the past few weeks (common in royal pythons) though you don't know if she's going to eat until you've already defrosted the rat so you have to throw it away anyway >.<

@wolfie ahh, Picky Eater Python 🙄 hopefully everything goes well

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