Just realised that there's one thing that annoys me about people using twitter crossposters (and in general I'm pretty neutral about them) - it's when they allow their RTs to come through if they are a very prolific RTer because if I follow someone who boosts too much I can mute their boosts (and if I follow someone on twitter who RTs too much I can mute those) but if they are "original" posts here on mastodon then there's no muting those without just unfollowing.

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@wolfie IMO the Right Answer is configurable clients. It would not be hard to build a filter rules interface so that people can do things like:

if: toot body starts with "RT " and poster tagged with "crossposter"
then: hide in timelines home & local

When clients support these kinds of things, it means people are much more empowered with their existing server, and people with different needs can coexist on the same server more easily.

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