Ahh bloody hell.

That guy who makes the sarcastic alien comics? He’s anti-abortion, march for life sort.

I’m not going to link the post cause it’s gross.

Just an FYI cause I know people like those comics and I see them posted here on the regular. You will have to decide for yourself if you want to separate the art from the artist.

For me, I can’t. And I certainly won’t be giving him money.

@KARiley40 wait? the cute ones with the aliens confused about human interactions/rituals? got a link?

@julia thanks, that's hella disappointing. *unfollows his stuff*

@wolfie He has "I follow Jesus" in his profiles, that seems like a red flag already...


@julia yeah I guess I didn't notice that before, definitely a red flag

@wolfie Especially when it's the very first thing in the profile... meh

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