I don't think I've started a thread of the video games I've played :thaenking: to go along with my movies watched thread (one of my pinned toots if you're curious!)

So this is the start of that, I've actually played and finished 5 games in the past 2 months, which if you check this post on DW wolfpurplemedia.dreamwidth.org you will realise is pretty good for me XD

I still need to play Andromeda, finish the Mankind Divided DLC and finish Undertale (gd bullet hell!!) but these little games are good!

Today I've started Firewatch, played Day 1 and now I want to go throw up (omg FOV sliders please!!) it's really good though :blobugh:

Just finished after using the dev's instructions to edit the fricking registry in order to have a FOV that at least somewhat makes it playable (the amusing player model bugs after that though, oh boy)

It was really good, compelling and leaves me wanting a Firewatch 2 to find out what happened to everyone next :blobcheer:

I guess I haven't finished any games since July, oops! Well I've just finished Deltarune (yes yes I know I haven't finished Undertale, shh) and it was pretty fun, and had a vastly improved battle system, I only got killed and sent back to an not too annoyingly far back save point once! Bullet hell is one reason I haven't managed to finish Undertale but also the lack of useful save points meaning you may have to do 5 random encounters AGAIN and AGAIN :/

Anyway, Deltarune is good, go download it!

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