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Photos of our adult snails for a pinned toot :blobaww: (details in the captions)

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[cw: eye contact] 

@PastaThief nice suit! Here's me from the 80s :blobpats:

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As I'm a year older today, here's a shiny new toot!

I'm Wolfie, a 36 year old white British human from the south of England. I'm and (AAA!!)

I have been around Mastodon since before the button said toot (Nov 2016) and now have far too many alts and specialised accounts (see profile for list!)

My posts are likely to be , , and sometimes grumpy (about )

I have unusual pets, a and !

[cw: snake, snail and eye contact]

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Wonder woman 1984 

Just watched wonder woman, it was really fun! Also the Lynda Carter cameo as Asteria in the mid credits scene was excellent 😁

cautiously returning to firefox mobile after finding that it seems to be playing ok with my password manager now, we'll see how I do with the UI stuff though I guess


Harris is so happy she looks like she's about to explode into glitter.

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Time for your daily dose of snail puppies



Inspired by:
Hours of Saint-Omer, France ca. 1320

BL, Add 36684, fol. 84v

Original image from:

#mastoart #art #creativetoot #medieval #marginalia

I am amused that "nearly every day" is the most often you can say you use the internet on this survey

A conversation on my timeline about the way USians and Brits use the same words for different foods, reminds me of two of my favourite youtube channels:

Lost in the Pond, for a British perspective on US vs UK culture


Wandering Ravens, for a USian perspective on US vs UK culture

Both channels are great fun, and well worth watching if you enjoy discussing/exploring the similar but quite different cultures of the UK and US!

Mutual Aid Offer 

Hey I have half a "stimulus" check in my PayPal right now and I want to give it to people who need it more than I do.

If you need financial help just reply with a PayPal address (sorry Venmo and Cashapp don't like me right now) and I'll send you something.

Offer good until I'm out of money in my PayPal account.

Feel free to boost?


gamer drama 

Watching the latest Jimquisition and while I'm not surprised gamers are upset at there being a female player character in GTA6, I am confused at the "first female protag in GTA" framing, noone else played the original with 4 men and 4 women, who were all different races as well?

dream, ph- 

tfw you have a vivid dream during a short nap and have to check your hearing still works when you wake up cos in the dream there was a loud bang that made you unable to hear properly for the rest of the dream (though one ear does hurt a little, weirdly)

slavery, kidnapping conditions 

okay here we go. so historically, dreadlocks are a hairstyle that directly comes from slavery. when my people were taken from our native lands and forced on the ships, they were crammed so tightly, they would often get drenched in each others bodily fluids. that, plus time, and general lack of access to hygiene, matted the hair of the enslaved people and created this "style"

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amazing, a channel I follow just did a visualisation of speedruns! Great use of the music too

Started watching Avatar for the first time this evening, about 4 episodes in now and I'm really enjoying it!

after uninstalling office 2007 and rebooting, current office still wouldn't load properly, so had to uninstall and reinstall it and reboot a few more times and now the crisis is averted

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hahah just fucked up my default programmes by accidentally opening Word 2007, I didn't even know I had it installed...

UK people who've had a coronavirus vaccine since 1st January 2021 - did you have a choice about which vaccine you could have?

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