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Here's my thread of 's videos for her album Happiest Girl in the Universe out in like a week or two!! (so excited, got tickets to the launch in London on the 9th!!!)

First up is I Was Jesus in Your Veins

She originally released this as a B side under a pseudonym back in 2015 and it is now the first single and opening track of her third album

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โ€œHold on, I have something in my shoeโ€ โ€œIโ€™m pretty sure itโ€™s a footโ€

โ€œaverage american has enough money to be financially stable" factoid actualy just statistical error. average american has less than enough moneys. Dollars Georg, who lives in cave & hoards a gazillion moneys, is an outlier adn should not have been counted

Re last boost, also people who discovered a "child" thing later in life and now love it unironically are great, especially if they weren't allowed to enjoy that thing when they were a child due to gender policing

people who still unironically love the things they loved as a kid are the best you go girl you embody sailor moon

tarot is rigged. they don't even let you bring your own deck to counter their attacks. how are you supposed to win

The homophobic chicken joint (+) 

fwiw bezos could live my life for just shy of 8,432,177 years

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