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As I'm a year older today, here's a shiny new toot!

I'm Wolfie, a 36 year old white British human from the south of England. I'm and (AAA!!)

I have been around Mastodon since before the button said toot (Nov 2016) and now have far too many alts and specialised accounts (see profile for list!)

My posts are likely to be , , and sometimes grumpy (about )

I have unusual pets, a and !

[cw: snake, snail and eye contact]

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Snail update 

So when we posted to a snail care forum and found out that our little one is probably a runt, we also got some tips about housing the others, basically the tanks we had don't keep humidity high enough for GALs and as the A reticulatas and A achatinas need slightly different temps and humidity they shouldn't be together, so the ARs and AAs are now in seperate new really useful boxes! I drilled holes in the lids and set them all up, quite a project but hopefully happier snails!

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The only hetero thing about me is my heterochromia

🧠 correcting other people's typos
:brain4: lettin typos be
:brain6: leaving typos on purpose to anger prescriptivists and fuck english

Folks in England and Wales, will you download and follow the rules of the NHS test and trace app that just came out?

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Covid and flu UK 

I've never had flu or a flu shot before. Just tried to book one (£13) and the UK doesn't have enough vaccine stocks so you can only get one if you're over 65. 😐

Covid, flu, uk-specific 

Ah I just saw another post from that thread and it did specify it was about the US, guessing there was a federation issue earlier

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Covid, flu, uk-specific 

The thread going around about getting a flu vaccination to protect your community this winter is very good information but doesn't specify which country it applies to!

So for people in the UK, if you are in one of the risk groups the NHS has specified (which has been expanded) you will be invited by your GP to get a free flu jab, anyone else will be able to pay for one at a pharmacy (£10 last I saw) but they are also prioritising risk groups so you will need to wait a bit

People used to think bismuth was the heaviest non-radioactive element.

But in 2003, Coron et al discovered it has a half-life more than a billion times the age of the universe!

also I'm bisexual

This snoot needs snacks 🐍

(excuse the really dirty glass rip)

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"Facebook says it may quit Europe over ban on sharing data with US"

Wow, maybe those of us not on Facebook would suddenly be aware of social events again? :D

re poll about whether you say where you are from: ah someone else has noticed this issue!

Without going to change anything:
-Do you currently have in your bio or pinned toots in which country (not state or region, *country*) you reside?
-Do you live in the USA?


omg she's back poking at the edge of the glass door today again "yesterday I squeezed through here and got mouse, maybe I can do it again!"

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i mean if we're talking ableism, surely it's good to note that some adaptive technologies have drawbacks (like wireless charging being much more inefficient, but being easier to manage with shaky hands)

that way we can look for ways to make those drawbacks lessened, or look to other adaptive technologies that may not have that level of drawback and push for development of those instead

like what if your charge cable was idk magnetized or something so that it would always snap into place for you. that'd be pretty fuckin rad

Have you made a search using the Google search engine in the past 3 months?

#Poll #FediPoll

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