I bought some pins and name dropped our mutual friend as a joke and suddenly ive been gifted a lot of pins

Like these! But not for kids (adults get plain ones only boo) but also not for $60?! I doubt the quality will be worth the price

Big bedroom clean has officially begun! All my figurines are safely packed away and I emptied out my junk box (where I keep those nostalgic things I could never bear to part with)

its incredible how pearl and i are literally the same person

steven universe end of s3 spoilers 

accidentally stumbled into a DLC questline while going on treasure hunts in the witcher and now im in a very picturesque country

Seen at West - pronoun stickers have been given a place on attendee badges! The hexagon outline won't be on upcoming PAX Aus badges apparently but stickers will still be available~

minor HxH spoilers 

It's sold out anyway and US$30 before shopping and tax so there's no way I could get it but! It's cute!

Do you ever reread things you wrote years ago and just... What the fuck does that mean

I had a really cute interaction 😊
(I'm sorry for the horrible censors..)

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