Did a good chunk of my packing today. I think I just have clothes + lots of random bits and bobs left to go. My shelves all look empty but there's still so much STUFF

New check list for packing that ends with 'check your old check list to make sure you didn't miss anything else'


I bought some pins and name dropped our mutual friend as a joke and suddenly ive been gifted a lot of pins

Like these! But not for kids (adults get plain ones only boo) but also not for $60?! I doubt the quality will be worth the price

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Big bedroom clean has officially begun! All my figurines are safely packed away and I emptied out my junk box (where I keep those nostalgic things I could never bear to part with)

its incredible how pearl and i are literally the same person

steven universe end of s3 spoilers 

accidentally stumbled into a DLC questline while going on treasure hunts in the witcher and now im in a very picturesque country

Seen at West - pronoun stickers have been given a place on attendee badges! The hexagon outline won't be on upcoming PAX Aus badges apparently but stickers will still be available~

minor HxH spoilers 

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