I wait all week so Nick and I can watch she ra together and it's finally the day I'm coming over and I just wake up to a message that says 'actually I'm just gonna watch it bc it's getting late and I don't want anymore spoilers'

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I just feel shitty. If my sleep wasn't so broken this wouldn't have happened but also.. This is our thing. And I know He doesn't mind rewatching it with me but I like watching it blind together...

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And I made sure to mute all she ra tags on Twitter! I muted everything before the show dropped bc I knew it would be a while before we was it. It's just not fair. I'm just this extra in everyone's lives and no one actually cares about how I am or my wants and feelings. No one ever invites me over. No one asks me to do things with them, I have this tradition with Nick and that's it.

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