I've been saying to a lot of people that I'll be moving out of home at the end of the year but. I'm not inconrol of that decision and I'm scared it will fall through and everyone will yell at me.

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/has to get up in four hours
Time to play animal crossing pocket camp since I just redownloaded it

And someone spilt vodka on the inside of my jacket that I bought specifically to keep me warm

The things I have to do are not difficult as it turns out so I feel a little better.

food, plastic straws 

I haven't even met up with everyone yet and I'm already feeling mentally exhausted, in the way that makes you feel almost nauseous.

Why the FUCK are my friends having their bday on white night, the most crowded day of the entire year.




Why does knowing I can't see someone make me miss them even if we don't usually talk or hang out :<


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in light of the #amazonfire I came across a Brazilian NGO that works to defend the amazon. They take donations: sosamazonia.org.br/conteudo/

(there's info on their transparency and projects on the site above)

this article also links a few charities to donate to in light of the fire: businessinsider.com/how-to-hel

it's important to note that most of the deforestation and human started fires in the #amazonas has been at the hands of the cattle/meat/dairy industry. (1/2)

My assignments are due next week... I'm going to have to start panicking soon.

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jesus said rich people cant go to heaven?? how bad can they really be *gets older* never mind he was right


Home! Time to eat my reheated food and then otter might still be around to hUnt

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