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photos from the weekend trip! we went to see a small waterfall near the town of Nono.

even when i go to sleep earlier i can’t seem to be able to get out of bed any earlier in the morning. help.

sometimes i think it’s really funny that our dog Maya never gets tired of smelling this one splatter on the road when i walk her, but then i realize i never get tired of talking about komubak everyday, so we’re really the same hahaha.

idk how many of y’all still use tumblr but i thought i’d rec these two blogs (littlealienproducts and figdays) that boost indie stores and products! a lot of the stuff they boost is also queer themed and made by queer artists and i love seeing their posts on my dash.

all the museum guides and employees were indigenous women! they had a small shop where they sold jewelry and essential oils that are made by their communities. they made us try some oils and meditate for a few minutes and it was really lovely. i ended up getting a quartz pendant and a bunch of oils for my room!

over the weekend we went to a small museum that was built by a well known indigenous artist called Ortega Maila. he was there and we were able to watch him paint this with his fingers in like 2 minutes!

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the moon looked big today! managed to get a shot of it on my old camera which isn't all that great but is still miles better than my phone camera haha.

finished the reread i was doing together with eden some days ago! feel like i understood the current arc much better now. the 3 month wait between each new chapter has made current events a little hard to follow.

super excited for the new chapter that’s supposed to come out this month!

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Work in progress. Tried to make a more cartoony style after watching a tutorial (Flipped Normals). Still need to refine the values and composition of this image before I'll paint it in color.

#sketchbook #study #digital #art #drawing #mastoart #value #composition #landscape

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food photo (+) 

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I went on a walk through my local wetlands and saw some birbs. The baby crow let me get super close, silly baby! Not pictured, the Canada goose that hissed at me while I stared at its young.

Also found lots of goose feathers. Definitely did not violate the federal migratory bird treaty act by taking them home to try making quill pens.

my favorite tree from the tiny square park behind our house. it’s got a plaque around it, which is supposed to mean it’s a protected tree so i hope it lives on for many more years.

i designed a lampshade for my homemade bedroom lamp today. before it just had the bulb hanging from the top of the branch, but it was a little too bright to look at. So i made some measurements and cut out each of the 4 shade sides with my Silhouette and then locked them together in place. it’s just kraft paper i had lying around, since the led bulb barely produces any heat i hope it holds up!

an alternate universe where everything is the same but the most popular search engine is bing, and so we say “let me bing that” instead of “let me google that”

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Here's a trick I learned today--Index painting! Takes a monochrome layer and basically does magic for me; now all that's left is cleanup!

#mastoart #krita #kritatoot #creativetoots #pixelart

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Gretchen Felker-Martin writes super great articles about queer culture, fandom culture, and media. Her latest piece in case anyone is interested:

cws: talk about sexuality, sex, and a nude butt photograph at the top of the article

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