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Errin. (Grey Heron)

#Photography #birb

Nikon D7000, Tamron 18-400mm, processed in Adobe Lightroom.

I started playing Night in the Woods a few nights ago. (feels like I haven't played a video game in forever!!!). I can't believe it's taken me this long to get to it, because I love everything about it! The art direction especially.

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Hey there champ... After you read this message, why not give it a lil boost and then grab a drink of water? It's tough to remember.

i’m a generally unexpressive person irl but I actually made AUDIBLE noises upon seeing there’s a rilakkuma show on netflix. kiiroitori has always been my fave.

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the wild bird rescue center we visited on the weekend had this gift shop that was entirely comprised of donation items in order to incentivate reusing and recycling of household items and clothing. (i bought a shirt and pants for under $20) I have some fairly unused clothes, backpacks, and stuffed animals that i’m thinking of donating to their store. i saw a good amount of kids when we were there so I think the stuffed animals will be especially welcome.

By having you believe that recycling is the single best thing you can do, industries keep you consuming their plastics.

In reality, recycling is a complex process where only a VERY small portion of plastics even makes it to a recycling facility for processing. Half, if not more, of what a regular person sets aside for recycling will end up in a landfill.

Let's make an effort to consume less plastics. 💪

A couple of women who work in environmental issues here in Ecuador taught me that Recycling should be the last step you take in an effort to minimize waste (despite industries making you believe it should be the first).

Steps above recycling are Refusing, Reducing, and Reusing. As a consumer you have the power to reject things and say no.

Recycling is not a free process. It is costly and resource consuming. If you are able to, reduce and refuse first.

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More BirdLife from around the UQ Lakes this morning.

A young Little Corella calling for food.
An Australasian Darter sunning itself.
And a Australian Wood duck drake standing by the lake.

#bird #photo #photography

last weekend i saw this guy still trying to grow at my grandpa’s farm. 🌱

i bought some wooden duck sculptures today from an artisan who was walking around the street with a handful of his pieces. mom thought they were too expensive, but i had cash on me and i was not gonna walk away without some cute ducks and giving that man my money for making such cute ducks.

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couple of pink boys picking dragon fruit 🌺🌵
they found one that has horns like dragon boy and he's very happy about it :3c

why is having teeth such a miserable experience y'all

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