i love this sticker it's one of my favourites. i just think it's so cozy and cute. puts a smile on my face every time i walk past one of them and they're all over where i live

anyways i had a pretty decent day today ! the only problem is that it's winter now and my shoes are with holes so every time i go out the snow gets inside immediately and soaks my feet >:( can't afford new ones rn :/

this really reminded me of something my stepfather used to do when we were small. he'd write some of the names of God and a dua (supplication/prayer) asking God for His protection on small pieces of paper, put those pieces in a small metal tin together with a hand-of-Fatimah (pbuh) pendant, give them to us and instruct us to keep them in our pockets or bags whenever we went out. never thought of that as a magical practice but in hindsight it arguably was

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two very interesting videos about magical practices in the islamicate world by one of the best religious studies youtube channels:



Happy Day of the October Revolution comrades ! On this day 104 years ago the Winter Palace was seized by the Bolsheviks, and the the Russian Soviet Republic was declared.

"Marx and his ideas changed the world. The scientific theory named after him, Marxism, became Marx's most valuable, most influential gift to the world. This theory, like a brilliant sunrise, has shined a light on humanity's understanding of history and its quest for liberation."

twitter ppl are like "my broompf just got from @RealElvisPresley . cancel culture is the biggest threat to western civilization since turkish people (1/924)"


GARLIC BREAD. she changed my life

soundcloud has started playing me ads again 😑😑 haven't heard a single ad on sc for like a year but now suddenly they're playing one like every 4 tracks 😑😑😑

i hate buying underwear :I why do cis ppl act absolutely shocked and horrified that trans people in fact also need undergarments

the other day kanye west just appeared randomly at a mcdonalds in a smallish swedish town btw.

apparently he ordered 1 large caramel frappe, 1 chicken tasty &co w/ medium fries and large chocolate milkshake, 3-pack hot wings, and 6 dip sauces all of them barbeque.

transsexualising your gender . . . please stand by . . .

can the folks down at the gender identity bla bla clinic just fight me. physically i mean. duel. throw hands. whatever. if i win no more transsexualism investigations we all get informed consent

gotta pull myself together and clean my flat today 😞😞

negative but it's a joke 

justice for girls who are failures ! women can be disappointments to their family too <3

not to be like "1984 DYSTOPIA HUNGER GAME PANOPTICON" but that is where we're at like you don't KNOW when you're out in public that a camera is watching you or that anyone is ever going to watch that camera feed but you do know that someone could be and you have no way to know for sure whether someone is watching or not so like what am i supposed to scream at that if not PANOPTICON ?

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i realise im preaching to the choir here but even from like a totally unradical liberal framework the amount of camera surveillance we're subjected to in everyday life is insane and it's even more insane how normal it is like how it isn't even questioned why we should all be watched by cameras every time we go on a bus or train and every time we go to buy groceries and every time we just walk down a busy street.


just cooked and ate the most delicious tomato soup of my life 😭🥰🍅🔥🙏🏻 it was sooo good i ate it with cheese toast

death, terrorism, anti-shi'a violence 

at least 100 shi'a worshippers massacred in explosion set off during friday prayers in mosque in kunduz, afghanistan. inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un, to God we belong and to God we shall return 😢💔. may the murderers and their sympathisers be cursed.


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