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Disclaimer: to avoid doxxing, fash attacks or similar threats, all the pics on this profile correspond to other locations in the broader area of Galiza, far from the real one. Real pics will be cropped and selected to not have identifiable items at all (landscape, people, furniture, etc).

Info about number and personal identities of house members is being kept obscure and vague on purpose. See our website for more details.

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Vila Eloise is already open to visitors! There's still lots to do, both the living and workshop areas need plenty of work, but the space is apt for basic living and inhabited right now.

If you were planning to travel around the area, feel free to check the project's blog and send a message to visit.

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For updates about this project and the house day to day life, you can check the hashtag .

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Rewriting our after moving instances:
Vila Eloise is a house project in a village in Galiza (northwest of Iberian peninsule).

We are setting the house ready for visitors. Staying is free (some abilities trade is appreciated if possible) and we plan to offer a work space for artists, meetups and workshops.

Every queer person is welcome, we're a safe space for people of any gender id or orientation (including all non binary genders, a-spec, pan people) and sex workers.

:heart_pan: happy pansexual pride day to everybody who uses that label :heart_pan:

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if you want an ACTUAL communist's take on why lgbt rights are 100% class struggle and gay and trans people are comrades, i suggest you read the amazing nonbinary lesbian communist leslie feinberg. here is hir book lavender and red. you should probably get a copy soon because who knows how long the worker's world party is gonna be around

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Samhain in Galiza (thread) 

Samhain in Galiza (thread) 

Samhain in Galiza (thread) 

Samhain in Galiza (thread) 

Samhain in Galiza (thread) 

Samhain in Galiza (thread) 

Samhain in Galiza (thread) 

Samhain in Galiza (thread) 

Samhain in Galiza (thread) 

"Permaculture" as a movement is literally just cultural appropriation by white settlers. I didn't fully understand it until I looked into the Australian permaculture movement but holy fuck that shit is atrocious.

Permaculture farms in Australia are all about "restoring the land", which always involved moving onto a piece of land stolen and destroyed by white settlers, and attempting to "solve" the problem with the continuation of a greenwashed white settler narrative.

You really see this shit come out in full force when you watch videos by white "homesteaders" in Australia or North America, and you find the ultimate intersection of frontier myths and the white man's burden.

Every single time it works as a way to erase indigenous ties to the land, while appropriating and commodifying indigenous ecological and agricultural understanding. The fact some of these homesteaders host expensive yoga retreats where white people can "get back to nature" is nauseating.

it's been clear for 500 years now that environmental justice isn't going to come without full-scale decolonization

which requires white environmentalists do more than reinvent the wheel of neoliberal action as a means of centering their concerns and empire

if anything that's the biggest "we told you so moment"

moreso than the pithy political farts of white veganism

and the emphasis on individual action mirrors the same cognitive dissonance white majority environmental movements- radical, capitalist, and everything in between, have displayed from jump

throwing a seed ball is easier than reckoning with the reality of settler colonialism- particularly indigenous ways of relating to the land that were deliminated to make room for European coloniality

White queers hide behind their queerness to feel comfortable in their own racism. They’ll boost articles about the murders of Black Trans Women without engaging with the substance because in a perverse way those numbers validate the fear and distrust they’ve always had against Black and Latino Men. They gather WoC up to insulate themselves from criticism and gain credibility in our own communities while abandoning us when our social capital has run dry.


It's dropping into the 30s the next few nights, with a wind chill of 20 degrees.

Please, if you can, try to help your houseless neighbors with blankets, clean socks, clothing layers, coats, gloves, warm food, a thermos with hot water, teas, hot chocolate, and heat sources like hot hands.

People will freeze to death and die on the streets of Portland this year if we don't help them.

The city sweeps the houseless like trash. We are not trash. We are human beings and don't deserve death because we are houseless.

Thank you.

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