I still have "bi" in my bio from when I first made this account...
from me, to 15 yo me: bitch u gay

retoot to be IMMEDIATELY diagnosed with dumbass bitch disease and INSTANTLY become a mastodon funnyman.

οΌ£:.γƒŸ theres n∞∞ actual g∞∞∞∞d reas∞∞n t∞∞ be t∞∞∞∞ting with a quirk i just need t∞∞ be a public embarassment ∞∞n the internet οΌ£:.γƒŸ

OK BUT!! this humor... we all share... why does no irl ever have it??? where are these jokes when talking to your locals??

some of yall really just out here spreading positivity in the middle of this disaster of a website and you know what? you guys are valid and i love you.

be nice to me or i'll download bonzai buddy onto your computer

broke: 69 is the sexy number
woke: 69 is the chicken nugget number

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