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Pounded in the Ass by The Amount of Work it Takes to Keep a Human Body Alive

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In the symphony of things, will you let me be a silence?
Will i jump, wantonly, through
Placing myself between beauty and beauty
So that the waves don't fall
All-consuming, crushing, leaving us
Broken and insensate?

Must i fight to be unheard?

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Sometimes you wake up cold and damp and held tightly to the earth and you realize that's all you ever really wanted

free affirmations, take as many as you need 💜

I heard a random thing on an MtG stream and my brain generated a whole fkkin Anime pitch.

Emergency maybe, need a place to live, disabled, :boost_ok:​ 

A politics of love means universal healthcare and good education for everyone who wants it and housing and food for everyone but it also means telling dudes who want my friends to die to eat shit

i don't really get the whole "names" thing

expressing dissatisfaction with my bank the only way i know how: Interpretive Dance

a thing that happens sometimes is that authors will write an emotionally-intense homosocial relationship, fans will say "this seems gay," and the author responds "nuh-uh, they're just friends." and when you look at the way these kinds of dynamics play out over and over again, eventually you start to be like "... okay but why NOT let the fan interpretation as gay steer your future writing?" or "maybe sometimes it really is gay, and the authors are just denying what it is they're writing, to themselves or just to other people"

but the authors aren't wholly talking out their asses. the lurking variable of homophobia aside, the dividing line between intense friendships and romance genuinely is ambiguous, perhaps mostly illusory: relationships are decided as romantic or friendly on the basis of things like, do they SAY it's romantic? do they share a bed?

so it's interesting to note that authors also write things that are obviously trans, then deny it. & that's much harder to explain away.

One more thing . If, at some point next week, i were to replace all the glass panes in the McMansion, would you prefer it to be:


hold on. if you're baby......and I'M baby.....

I just spent 45 mins explaining gaslighting to a white baby gay in an effort to keep my queer trans gaming group from falling apart

Any white people wanna pay a brown dyke for some emotional labor? I'm broke and scared about making rent this month
Venmo: amelia_leviosa
Cash app: $hamsterpower

Attn: Gamers; looking for players / GM 

Doin' some dang 'ol Minecraft for Friendsday Wednesday! We've got a woodland treasure map, and we're NOT AFRAID TO USE IT.


can we ban the cis from making transhumanism themed media, unless they pass like a 200 question test

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