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Pounded in the Ass by The Amount of Work it Takes to Keep a Human Body Alive

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In the symphony of things, will you let me be a silence?
Will i jump, wantonly, through
Placing myself between beauty and beauty
So that the waves don't fall
All-consuming, crushing, leaving us
Broken and insensate?

Must i fight to be unheard?

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Bring your hands to my throat
Trace your memory into my skin
Quiet me
Help me recall
Help me recall

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Sometimes you wake up cold and damp and held tightly to the earth and you realize that's all you ever really wanted

I love those big liquid bastards known as rain drops

Hey so I have an everything-ache and I can't build LEGO tonight so instead let's play LEGO DC Super-Villains, a game that will absolutely get VOD-muted.

Coming up next!


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i finally put that track i made a year ago on bandcamp because it's still really good

it's ambient electronic :xenon_heart:#QueerMusic #TransMusic

If i don't ask at least 30 questions did the poem even come from my hands?

If i lay here and confess that you are everything i find beautiful, will you grow around me?

Loop your galaxies around my neck until i cannot breathe for starlight?

Coax heliotrope from my chest in the fresh dawn?

spores in your lungs that play constant soft music. all your children are grown. all your friends have passed beyond. it's only you and the song now

once-hardwood floors covered in moss carpet that shifts in color and texture with the light, with the humidity, with the sparkle of tears in your eye

Don't think there's gonna be trash beetle tonight, we'll do something less strenuous but still LEGO-related instead -Alice

hey i do character commissions for around $5-20 USD paypal if anyone is interested ;3c

alternative gender: bookstore cat that doesn't let you pet them but rubs against your legs on their own terms, loves sleeping in patches of sunlight w books, doesn't like loud noises or being grabbed

the sweetest and faintest of scents, tempting you closer, deeper, faster
into a syrupy bog with thousands of very close friends :)

trees that can pour time down your throat or take it away, leaving giggly seeds on caring doorsteps

piles of leaves that shift and swirl near silently, trapping unwary travellers

voice that you feel deep in your chest, small earthquakes settling and setting off your own personal disaster

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