@FuchsiaShock German drivers licenses and passports ("Personalausweis") have no gender marker. Never did (since 1945). And if even german bureaucrats don't need it, nobody does :)

@jaddy @FuchsiaShock

UK now allows non gendered titles (Mx) or none at all on a driving licence but there is a gender marker hardcoded into the number, I'm not sure what happens to that if someone transitions (there seems to be no provision for non binary people). Passport is just a unique number with no reference to gender coded into it.


@jaddy @FuchsiaShock

these are the rules apparently

"month of birth (+5 for the first character if female)"

it looks as if the only reason it's in there was an assumption they could use birth sex as a simple way to separate all applicants into two numerical groups to try to uncluster otherwise not-evenly-distributed birth months

which really doesn't make a lot of sense when there are already random digits at the end.

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