I love the mastodon image captioning feature because there are a lot of good uses even for sighted users

- when federation / the other instance / your router fails & the image won't load

- explaining visual jokes while "keeping the medium intact"

- naming a visual symbol you /think/ people will know about but maybe not, so they can look it up & read more about it

- noting 'what to look for' when it's unclear

- translating an image in another language while still letting it speak for itself

@valenoern i've been learning other languages lately and making a lot of bilingual jokes, so i'm thankful for captioning so i can annotate jokes like in a graceful way


- Creating an additional xkcd-style punchline in the mouseover.


- I don't know what the fuck anything is

@valenoern I preferred how it used to work (at least on my instance.) It used to be that you uploaded an image then just clicked on it to caption it. Now you have to open a whole other dialogue to caption it. I actually caption images less now because of the change.


- acting as a psychological mirror for the poster, who has to explain why exactly they thought the image was amusing


Actually on @fedilab more than once I wanted to watch an image but wasn't able to see it because the alt-text covered it...

If you don't need the media description, you can turn it off.


What does the timeout means ?
Time to appear or time to disappear ?

But zero means they are off. I just tested. Sorry, I got a doubt with your last question.

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